Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer Fun has Begun

Oh how my daughter loves cicadas! All three kids enjoy playing with them but she even likes to put them in her mouth. I haven't found much that the girl doesn't like to eat:-)
She is a little ball of energy and is still so good. However, she has started this new squeeling phase that drives us crazy! She mainly does it when she doesn't get her way or you aren't paying her any attention. She has to do something to compete with her brothers.
Braden absolutley loves anything that can be started and used like a backpack blower, lawnmower, tractor, tiller, weedeater, etc. I'm afraid it won't be long until he can actually start these things.

Kylie Reese at 13 months old

Papa built the grandkids a new playset and the boys love to swing. They haven't quite figured out how to make this swing go so you just have to push them 'really high'.

Nanny came in town this past week so we spent a lot of our afternoons at nana and papa's house playing outside for hours despite the 90 degree temperatures.As most of you know, I love crushed ice and my kids have taken to this love too. Thank goodness my parents have a crushed ice maker in the barn. Here are the kids riding the golf cart on the way to get buckets full of ice.

Reed sporting papa's sunglasses

Kylie's expression in this picture is hilarious.The sprinkler and swimming pool provided hours of entertainment while me and nanny sat and watched them. (Nana and Papa were tryng to her some yard and gardening work done)

Braden is the little mischevious one but I do have to take part blame in that because I do the same thing to the kids! He loves to fill his cup up with water and chase someone and throw it on them or sometimes sneak up on them. He got papa really good when he had no idea that Braden was planning a sneak attack!
Reed likes to watch what Braden does and follows his lead a lot. However, Reed would run up to someone with a cup full of water and throw it about 5 feet before he reached his target:-)

Can you say nap time?!!
My little babies are turning into little boys~