Monday, June 02, 2008

Cancun Trip

This past week we went to Cancun on a trip that Ryan won through his work. We stayed at the Cancun Palace which an all inclusive resort which meant we didn't have to pay for anything! There were a lot of AllState agents there for the week. We met a great couple from Kentucky who we became good friends with by the end of the trip. I think that Ryan and I will stay in touch with Josh and Jamie now. They definitely made the trip much more fun considering most of the agents that were there were all a bit older. The above picture and the one below were taken at the banquet they had one night for work. After dinner there was a Dj who played new and old songs. Jamie was taking our picture and the song "Low" (Applebottom Jeans song) came on and this was the part where it said "She turned around and gave that big booty a smack" and this is what she caught on camera!
One of our favorite restaurants to eat at was Miyako which was similar to Shoguns. We ate there 2 nights since it was so good.
Each night the resort had some form of entertainment. This was one of the best nights. You cannot tell in the picture below but it was Michael Jackson night. This guy was a pretty good impersonator of Michael's dance moves. He along with others performed for an hour the classics by Michael was a great show!
This was our last night in Cancun. It had rained all day and of course it turned out to be a great night. Ryan won't be able to do this for much longer!
A couple of people asked me if Jamie and I were related when they saw us together. I guess that I can see that in the pictures. We are about the same height even though Jamie looks much taller...she had on some really cute shoes while I sported Old Navy flipflops!
It was a great time away but it is always nice to be back home. We had a terrible day of travel on Sunday. It wasn't bad until we flew into Dallas. We got stuck in customs b/c we got in two of the slowest lines possible. When we finally got through customs, I realized that I had lost our boarding passes. I went to get our boarding passes and Ryan checked our luggage back in through customs. By the time this was all through, we had about 10 minutes to catch our flight. We had to get on the tram and go through 4 stops before we reached our stop. Once we got off, we had to run to hopefully catch our flight. I felt like we were on the Amazing Race. We made it! Well it doesn't stop there. Once we arrived in Nashville, we waited for our luggage and Ryan's came but of course mine didn't! I left the airport with no luggage but it did get to me at 3:00 in the morning today! At least the trip was Free!!!

EXCITING 15 Week Ultrasound!!

We had our 15 week "growth" ultrasound today. This ultrasound they do for multiples to make sure that one is not eating more than another and that they are both growing at the same rate. We were glad to find out that they are in separate sacs, have 2 umbilical cords and placentas. This is good since they will not be sharing the same food source since this is what can cause problems with twins.
They also took both of their measurements for their head size, arm/leg length, etc.. and everything looked great. They weigh a huge 4 ounces each. As you can see below Twin B is sitting right on top of Twin A.
Here is poor little Twin A being sat on by its BROTHER!!! Twin A was loving crossing its legs so there was no hope of finding out early what he/she is! We will find out in 4 more weeks what Twin A is.
This is Twin B which is the baby that hads always been on the top. Here is Twin B not being very modest at all. It figures that a little boy would not be shy. I will really think this is funny if we find out that Twin A is a girl since it loves to cross its legs and be very modest!
We are so thankful that God has blessed us with these two babies and I pray that they continue to grow to be healthy little babies!