Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Many Choices

The boys' had their two and a half year old pictures made this week at Tucker Photography. I am so excited about how many good ones that Jason was able to get of them. This was the age I wanted to do for their big photos in our know the ones that your parents probably still have hanging in their house of you when you were little. It was such an easy shoot for me because I just stayed in the house while Jason and his assistant took one kid and got their pictures. I couldn't believe how many smiles they got out of the boys. I wasn't really wanting to get them together but Jason took a few of those too.
These are just 2 of the good ones.... I would LOVE your input on some of your favorites if you have time to look through them:-)
Go to and use
the password "white twins". If you see a favorite then just leave me a message with the photo number. It might make our decisions a little easier:-)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Tons of Fun and Memories

I know that I am way behind on an update so here is what all we have been up to this past month! Our Sunday school class had church in the park one Sunday afternoon. Sweet Camille (or Mille-Mille as my kids call her) and Kylie are big buddies. I cannot wait to watch these girls grow up together. There is about 16 months between Camille and Kylie and there is about 14 months between Kylie and Camille's new baby sister, Cecelia.

Haley, Preston and Reed enjoying jumping on the bridge. Then Braden and Camille joined in on the fun!

Can you tell that Kylie can sleep about anywhere:-)
I sure would like to know what goes through these boys' heads sometimes!
I debated on whether or not to put this picture on here, but this is what I use to keep track of all the "wonderful" memories! I am not for sure if you can tell what is going on in the picture below but this is the boys' door to their room which has a ribbon tied on their handle attached to the bookcase along with a baby gate at the door. So here is the story....
I thought it would be a good idea to potty train and move the boys to their big boy beds all in the same weekend. Yes, I know that was pretty stupid. The potty training story is for another day (they aren't trained yet:-)

Those of you who only had to move one child to a big bed won't fully understand but the boys thought this was so much fun to play in their room, yell, turn the lights on and off, jump from one bed to another, and run in and out of their room down the hallway. I tried every parenting tatic there is to no avail so I just gave up and tied their door shut!!!! I know, not the best idea but we got to eat in peace!
Well, after several minutes of quiet, I decided that I should check on them. They had climbed up and gotten a brand new bottle of lotion off their shelf and poured it all on the hardwood floor. If that wasn't bad enough, they were skating though the lotion covered from waste down!!! All I could do at this point was laugh!!!
Father's Day ... Ryan is such a great dad to Braden, Reed and Kylie! I don't think a lot of people understand how much work goes into three little ones that are all under three years old ( I don't mean for that to sound like a pity party because we wouldn't have it any other way). Ryan works so hard at his job then comes home and plays with the kids, helps get them ready for bed then reads the boys their bedtime stories. He is a wonderful, father, husband and friend!
Family Picture. Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 and Take 4 and still not a good family photo.
We went over to my parents for lunch that Sunday. I have to also give a shout out to my dad for being an awesome dad and granddad. He is about the only granddad I know anywhere that can manage to keep three "babies"by himself all day. I don't know what my dad has done to Kylie but she absolutley loves him. She even cries sometimes when nana tries to take her from him. I think she knows already that she can get whatever she wants from him!
Braden loves to wrestle with his daddy.
Reed, Kylie and Braden hanging on the steps before we went to Monkey Joe's with our Sunday school class.
I think that Braden might be our little athlete and Reed might be our little nerd:-) I say that because Braden loves to throw any ball and Reed loves his letters. There was a day and time when I used to worry about Reed having brain damage when he had that bleeding on his brain two years ago after his transplant, but I just laugh at those days now and thank God for answered prayers! Reed knows all of his letters but not only that, he knows all the phonics of each letter and can tell you a word that relates to any letter. Amazing I think, but I know I am a proud parent of both of my boys. (I have to insert that I didn't even know all the phonics, and I sure didn't teach them to the boys. I would highly recommend Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD because that is how they learned them)
I just love the expression on Kylie's face after she drank some of nana's lemon slush!
These past few weeks have been pretty hot so we have spent a lot of time playing in the sprinkler and at the pool!

I just love little Miss Priss in her tutu bathing suit!Fourth of July weekend, Sean (Ryan's brother), Sheena, Shawna (Sheena's sister) and Colin came to stay with us for a few days. Sean and Sheena came in town for the U2 concert. It was a weekend full of activities and a very busy house:-) We went to BounceU on Saturday morning and the kids, big and small, had a great time.
Our kids are all in red and Colin is in orange.

Can you tell that there is less of my husband to love now??? He will kill me for writing this but I am so proud of him being dedicated to eating right and exercising. He gets up, most mornings, at 5 am to work out at the gym with JT and Zach and has really been watching what he eats for almost a year now. Now, I just need to get myself to start exercising so we can teach our kids how important it is to be healthy!

I love this picture that Sheena took of our family in action!
Reed, Sean and Colin in the kiddie pool at the STory's neighborhood pool.
I just love whoever invented these puddle jumpers. Kylie can get in and out of the big pool without us really having to worry about her. She can float around all by herself and can even flip herself over is she turns on her back.
I took a few pictures of Kylie on the actual 4th at my parent's house. I would have taken some of Reed and Braden but they wouldn't stay still long enough:-)
Braden absolutely loves to find the red tomatoes in my parent's garden and eat them whole. My parents have even started to "hide" cherry tomatoes in their vines for Reed and Braden to find and eat since a lot of their tomoatoes aren't ripe yet.
Charley and Kylie talking to each other. Craig, Tina and Charley came over for the 4th to eat dinner. Isn't Charley just the prettiest and tallest little 15 month old?! She looks like she is almost 2 years old because she is so tall.
I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and I promise I won't take so long next time to update. Life is just a little busy these days but oh so much fun!