Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Many Choices

The boys' had their two and a half year old pictures made this week at Tucker Photography. I am so excited about how many good ones that Jason was able to get of them. This was the age I wanted to do for their big photos in our know the ones that your parents probably still have hanging in their house of you when you were little. It was such an easy shoot for me because I just stayed in the house while Jason and his assistant took one kid and got their pictures. I couldn't believe how many smiles they got out of the boys. I wasn't really wanting to get them together but Jason took a few of those too.
These are just 2 of the good ones.... I would LOVE your input on some of your favorites if you have time to look through them:-)
Go to and use
the password "white twins". If you see a favorite then just leave me a message with the photo number. It might make our decisions a little easier:-)


Michael and Hannah said...

Those are amazing pics, Keeley! I'd have a hard time deciding too!

Sheena White said...

Wonderful!! These are my favorites . . . Braden: 027,040 and Reed: 029,038 and both: 035 :>) Hard decision!!