Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Birthdays!

I have lost my camera charger so I had to get creative with this post.
My dad celebrated his birthday last week on March 14th and my mom's birthday is this week, March 20th. There are not words to express how thankful I am for my mom and dad. Sorry mom for posting this first picture of you on here! Wow, how the times have changed....look at those side burns. My mom is an excellent cook and still cooks for us every Sunday afternoon. This is just a very small part of who my mom is. It is kind of scary how much that I have turned into my mom. It really isn't scary because there is no one that I would rather be more like! Ryan tells my mom all the time "thanks for making Keeley so particular about cleaning, cooking, laundry, picking up clothes, etc." She is awesome! (You gotta love the huge glasses)
This picture describes my dad perfectly. He was always letting us try things on our own even if they were not the safest things. I have him to thank for me being so independent! My dad is the most patient, hard-working person I know and who knows how to fix anything!
This was a day that my mom and I got stranded on the interstate. This picture describes my mom's personality perfectly!
I have always been daddy's little girl. That is one thing that will never change!!
This is one of my favorite pictures of my family at my brother Craig's wedding.

Happy Birthday mom and dad!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Favorite Songs

I need your help! I have had an ipod for a while now but my song selection is terrible!!! I am trying to download songs on itunes but do not know what some great songs would be. If you read this blog, then please leave a comment of a few of your favorite songs. They can be new songs or just classics.
Currently, all that is on my ipod is a bunch of country songs consisting of mainly Tim McGraw, Alabama, and Rascal Flatts. I love to listen to all types of music so please entertain me with your favs!!!!