Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor B has had a rough week. It started last Thursday when he had a double ear infection. When I picked him up at my parents after my first day at school, he was sitting in my mom's lap holding his rabbit and his basketball. He was pitiful. He did not want to be put down at all which is not like him.
Then on Friday, we went to Target and that is when I realized that his face was breaking out with these red bumps all around his mouth. Well, when he woke up on Saturday morning the bumps looked worse and he had some on his hand that looked like blisters and some all over his body. We ended up taking him to the doctor and he had "Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease."
This is highly contagious and presents itself with a low grade fever and red bumpers and blister around the mouth, hands and feet. Believe it or not, Reed still has not come down with anything and its been almost a week!!!!!!
If that wasn't bad anough, Braden threw up 3 times on Monday then twice that night. Needless to say, I was ready to go teach math yesterday:-)! Thankfully, he is feeling much better this morning.
Partners in Crime
Thanks Granny Carol for our new pj's. We love them! Right before bedtime is about the only time that you can hold both boys for longer than one minute! The love when Ryan gets home from do I!
No one told me that little tantrums start at one year old. We went to our weekly Publix trip and the bagger decided to give the boys balloons. They loved them until Reed let his go in the parking lot. This resulted in Reed being mad in the car b/c Braden still had his. Well, we get home and the last standing balloon becomes the source of a little fight between brothers. Needless to say, the balloon ended up on the counter where neither one could have it!
We finally had warm enough weather where the boys could go outside for a little while. How I long for warm days!
As you can tell, Reed is walking but still has a few run-ins with the hardwood floors. I really think that he needs to wear a sports headband to cushion those falls. I guess this is just part of learning to walk.
If I'm ever in need of a break, the bathtub is a great place to resort to. These boys LOVE to play in the bath. All you have to say is "do you want to take a bath" and they both take off to our bathroom. I am thinking that the beach will be a lot of fun this summer.
The White boys in their Titans jerseys. This is what Ryan pt them in Sunday while went to church!


carol said...

Funny, funny, funny, thats my boys. Into everything and lovin it. Gosh wish we were there so we could see them more. I thought that disease was from animals. Keeley I suggested to ry that a sports headband might cushion some of the bruises buy,you know i'm just old fahioned and didn't raise any kids in his mind. ha!ha!. hope all is well for the baby today and I sure have prayed for peace of mind for you all. all and let us know. The pjs are cute on them. I hope thats not carpet with the chocolate pudding. Oh well it could be worse. love you allgram nd papaT...

Laura Beth said...

Girl . . . just wait for those tantrums - fun! Carolina got a balloon last week while Lawton was at school and of course she loved it. When he got home he was playing with it. Of course they started fighting and after about five minutes of it, I just popped it and made them both cry. :) I couldn't take it anymore. Call me mom of the year. . .