Friday, July 17, 2015

Charleston Wedding Trip

We went to Charleston, SC at the end of May for Blake White's wedding. We had never been to Charleston before, and it was such a fun place to visit. There are not many cities that I think can top Nashville/Franklin for living, but Charleston would be a top runner-up. 
We flew in on a Wednesday and stayed until Monday. On Friday night, the rehearsal dinner was in someone's backyard that is on the lake and it was beautiful. It was great catching up with Ryan's side of family and his Uncle Ritchie was a great host for Charleston. 
This is why we own a minivan so that the kids are not touching! 
Uncle Ritchie with the kids
Catching a nap whenever they could. 
We went walking on the beach one night after dinner.
"Mom, we just want to get our feet in the water!!" 
The Wedding 
Uncle Jerry, Val and Haley
Granny and Grandpa with the kids
Reed danced the night away for 2 solid hours. 
We would not convince Braden to go out there for anything. 
We had such a great time and cannot wait to go back again. 

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