Friday, July 17, 2015

End of School Fun

You know that you are long overdue with a blog update when your mom texts you from South Dakota and a lady in the grocery store tells you that you are way behind in posting! Yes, I know that it is mid-July and I am posting pictures from the end of May. That's how we roll these days. We are having way to much fun this summer and it is going by too fast! 
Here is Mrs. Cooper, who is THE most amazing Kindergarten teacher ever, her son, Thomas, and Braden.  I knew I would love Mrs. Cooper when I met Thomas at the beginning of the school year and his manners were out of this world. That is one thing that I firmly believe is important in passing on to our children. It does take a lot of work constantly reminding our kids, but I love it when I hear them use their manners without having to be reminded.  It is a respect thing, but I know that's just my opinion!    
Ronan, Braden, Connor E., Chloe, AnnaLee, Liam, Isaac, Hunter, Tori, Alex, Sam
Aubrey, Connor B., Pierce, Reed, Ashley, Brooke, Claire, Kate, Andrew
Braden got the third fastest in the whole kindergarten which he was pretty excited about! 
Reed may not be the biggest but he is a determined little thing, and I love that about him!
Isaac, Sam, Ronan, Connor E., Reed and Braden.
They had the sweetest class, and I am sad they have to move on to 1st grade. 
 Kylie's PreK graduation from Crieve Hall
Caleb, Weston
Jake, Corbin, Bailor
Kylie, iris, Hannah
 Iris, Kylie and Hannah
 Miss Bonnie and Kylie
 Braden's last day of Kindergarten
 Reed's last day of Kindergarten
Don't be sad that it's over, but be thankful it happened! 

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