Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sorry so Long!

I know, I has been almost two weeks since my last post that I failed to write the commentary. I really do try to post at least once a week but time just seems to slip by. Not for sure why!!
The boys are doing great and growing too fast! Braden is weighing about 16 lbs. 5 oz. and Reed weighs 14 lbs. 11 oz. Reed is a little bit longer than Braden measuring about 26 inches.
I cannot resist taking pictures every time that we are outside. Braden has really been into sucking his bottom lip so I am just waiting for him to have a rash from it.
Discovering his toes
I do not know what caught B's attention but it looks like he is waiting for someone to come out from behind the tree.
I have to work a little harder to get some sitting up pics of Reed since he is still working on that. He is making progress every day and that is all that matters.
Can't you tell from the picture that Reed is a little bit more serious than Braden. I cannot wait to see them interact with each other when they are older and see the true personalities come out!
"No more pictures, mom! "
"Seriously mom, I mean NO more pictures!"
They still love bath time!
I am afraid that we are doing to see these expressions a lot in the future when we catch the boys getting into whatever they can get their hands on! My dark, blue-eyed boy
Reed and Braden's cousin, Colin, came to visit them for a week. It was so good to catch up with Ryan's brother, Sean and his wife Sheena. Sheena bought the boys these matching outfits...I guess to represent that they are gator fans!
Braden is so much fun right now and wants to be on the move all the time. I truly think that he would live outside if we would let him.
Ryan and I laugh all the time at him. To give you an idea of the vibe that he gives off, three ladies came up to Ryan at church (while he was in the lobby with Braden since he wanted to talk too much) and said "that one looks like he is the mischevious one!" He may not be mischevious but he is definitely curious.
Braden sitting in my parents' garden. The first thing that he did was grab a hand full of dirt and put it in his mouth. I don't guess dirt ever killed anyone before.He is learning how to sit by himself. This picture eventually ended up with Braden lying face down in the garden!
Reed practicing strengthing his core. You can see that we have a bunny stuffed in between his side and the chair so that he won't fall over:-)
He not only wanted to try dirt but grass too. He didn't seem to like that as well.
Gotta love those blue eyes! Reed is doing better with tummy time. I usually have to hold his bottom down so that he won't just automatically roll over. You can tell in this picture that he is ready to roll over. He is doing much better with his neck control but still has a ways to go with his core strength. We are so proud of him and the progress that he is making. Ryan and I went with Josh and Mandi to a graduation party for one of their employee's son. The boys really enjoyed all the attention especially from the ladies. These little girls were so cute with Reed and Braden. They read to them and kept them entertained so that we could actually eat. Sweet Preston was sitting on the bench just watching...I think he was wishing that the girls would entertain him:-)
Reed looking more like a big boy. That could be due to his $2.25 pants that I bought at Old Navy. I don't like to dress the boys in pants and shirts that they will get to wear the rest of their lives but I couldn't resist a plaid pair for so cheap!
We are not for sure who Braden looks like but we do get that he looks like his Uncle Craig a lot. What do you think? Braden and Reed with their week older girlfriends, Madison and Macy. It is so funny because Macy and Braden both have the blond hair, blue eyes and Reed and Madison have darker eyes with brown hair. It is kind of crazy how much the demeanor of Braden and Macy are alike and Reed and Madison. If we still had arranged marriages, I think we would have an easy decision to make. I think that B looks like such a big boy in this picture. Ryan is already planning a trip for the four of us to go watch Kansas play next year. What our parents did before the invention of playpens! This works great for getting Reed to practice his sitting up and neck strength. Twins are so much fun! He didn't seem to mind the laundry basket too much. If you will notice, there is NO tube in any of these pictures. We haven't told Reed yet that he is tubeless because he will then think that he still needs it. About two weeks ago, Reed pulled his tube out about 4 times in two days. We decided to change his feeding shcedule from every 4 hours to every 3 hours. He has taken every bottle since then. He seems to be able to suck down 100 cc's much easier than 130 cc's. Doesn't he look much better without that yellow tube! Can you tell that Nana is trying to make my children advanced! I will admit though that Braden actually likes trying to drink out of a glass. However, about half of it ends up on his outfit. I usually put a bib on them unless it is time for bath time then I don't care if it is all over their outfit! Granddad got to spend some time with the boys this past Sunday. He was playing patty cake with Reed. Gotta love great grandparents!
Thanks for checking on us and please keep praying for Reed's full recovery. Thank you!


Natalie Church said...

Love, love all the pictures! I need to come see them soon!

Karina said...

You get such great pictures of your boys! I love it when they both give you the startled look! Sounds like Reed is making much progress. They are both beautiful!

Jan and Randy Cromer said...

What sweet boys!!! They are growing so fast. Way to go, Reed--no more feeding tube!!! Keeley and Ryan, they both look great. We continue to keep all of you in our prayers.

Missy said...

Love all the picture and so glad that things are well!

Laura Lake said...

The pictures are great and I absolutely love reading about the boys. I can't believe they are getting so big. They both look terrific. I really want to get over to play with the boys soon. Good luck this week. Text you soon. :)

Joy L. Casey said...

Oh how precious. You ALL continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. I was going down the road the other day and started to call but the traffic was bad. Laura, called me this morning and told me to get on the blog and see the new pictures. We all love each of you and your special family. Praise God for the progress. Joy Lewis Casey (Laura Lake's Mom)

Joy Casey said...

Oh how precious. Think of you ALL often and you continue to be in my prayers. Great progress....Laura called to tell me to check the blog. So glad I did!!!! Love to all!!