Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Already!

This week has been busy with appointments for Reed but been a pretty non-eventful week which is a great thing! We had the followup visit with the neurologist to see how Reed was doing. The doctor just observed Reed and thought that he was doing well.
Later that afternoon, we had to go back for his followup EEG to check for seizure activity. We still think that the seizures that he was having were due to the surgery to relieve the bleeding on his brain. They keep children on seizure medicine for quite a while to just make sure that there are no more seizures. I think they will keep him on the medicine for several more months then start to lower the doses if the EEG is fine. They, of course, were supposed to call yesterday but we have not heard back yet.....I am assuming that everything is fine!
I am a little annoyed though because look at Reed's head after the EEG. I do not know how many of you have been there to watch or receive an EEG but the nurse scrubs your head with this abrasive to remove dirt and you think she scrubbed a little too hard???? Now we know why he cried so hard the whole time she was putting the electrodes on!
Do we look like twins???
Reed is doing physical therapy every other week and developmental therapy every week. We are just trying to get him caught up to where he should be at this age. He is still doing so well considering that he was in a hospital bed for 108 days!
We try to put him in this jumper at least 3 times a day to practice his neck and core strength. He does not last a long time in this.
Maybe soon he will be like Braden and stay in this thing for an hour and love every minute of it!
Saturday, my mom and I hosted a baby shower for my friend, Meredith Speck Clayton, who is having a little boy named Charlie in 4 weeks. We had some of my high school friends and their moms over for brunch.
I love these girls so much. Martha, Sarah, Meredith, Cindy and I all went to Kindergarten through 12th grade together. There were several other girls too but they could not make it this past weekend. I never thought we would all stay in touch like we do. God has blessed our lives richly through our friendships.
Last Saturday, we took the boys swimming at the Flatt's pool. They loved the water! Braden with Mrs. Laura but I promised her that I would not take a picture of her in her bathing suit:-)
Ryan with Reed and Braden
Braden has this new thing that he loves to do while eating...blowing spit bubbles. This makes for a lot of fun during feeding time. I try and tell him NO with a firm voice but a smile seems to always win over! (This is BRADEN not REED...whatever bib is handy I grab!)
How could you not laugh at this? Life is too short to get upset about things like blowing his food all over himself and me! I am sure my attitude will change if this continues for a long time.
"Mom, Braden stole my toy!"
"A sweet, little boy like me steal Reed's toy? No way!" I am playing with Reed on the floor trying to persuade him to roll over. He can definitely roll from his tummy to his back and will sometimes roll from his back to his tummy. He seems to keep getting an arm stuck under him when he tried to roll to his tummy. He will get it soon!
Thank you for continuing to check on us through our blog. We love to hear people say that they check the blog often to see pics of the boys. We are really grateful for all of you prayer warriors that continue to pray for our family.
Please continue to pray that Reed will continue to make progress, that he will have no long term problems from the bleeding on his brain and that his heart will continue to be a strong, healthy heart! Also say a prayer for that sweet family that gave Reed the gift of life. I am sure that a day or even minute does not go by that they do not think about their sweet little boy that is in heaven that gave us the gift of Reed! God is good!


Melissa said...

Cute pictures! Mom and I never got our invitations to the party. She came home from Florida a day early, but did not have the invitation. She was not sure what time it was or where it was.

The Hadfields said...

They are both SO adorable and are changing so fast! Love the updates...

The Simmons Family said...

Your posts always make me smile. I love to see how fabulous Reed looks post transplant and how well he is doing developmentally. I'm amazed!! I'm sure it all adds up to him having wonderful parents and a brother to compete with :).

The boys are adorable and are starting to look more like twins now that Reed is catching up in size. Owen hated jumpers, exersaucers and anything that made him "work". Darn 1/2 a heart... somedays I wish we could fast forward to transplant. Ok, maybe not.


carol said...

Braden has Reeds bib on and i've got several calls to know if it was braden or reed. no caps today. just small letters. the boys are adorable as usual and they keep on growing and growing and growing. i'm so glad they are doing fine and are safe and healthy. and you and Ryan too. love gram xoxoxo's alwaysand prayers too.

Josh and LB said...

Again, this is Ryan's old church friend and I love checking on how you and Ryan and the boys are doing. They are precious and are getting so big! I am so glad to hear that Reed is doing well!

Natalie Church said...

Reed looks so different even from a couple of weeks ago. He looks more grown up. I can't wait to see him next week!

Jan and Randy Cromer said...

The boys look great!!! We continue to keep them in our prayers. I check every day (sometimes more often) for news and pictures. Don't sweat the small stuff (blowing bubbles with food, stains on clothes, etc). Enjoy every moment with the boys--they grow up too fast. God is good!!!

Laura Lake said...

God is good!!! and you are so blessed with your precious little boys. I'm so glad you and Ryan have each other to lean on with such wonderful support from family and friends. God has his hand in your life and you can just see it shine through! You are so amazing Keeley. God bless you.

andrea said...


I'm so glad both boys are doing so well...the therapy will really pay-off. They are both soooo cute!

Candie Bowen said...

They are both soooo cute! Reed looks great & is doing much better than Macie with rolling over. She used to roll from her tummy to her back, but now she just cries when she's tired of being on her stomach. And she's never rolled from her back to her stomach. :)

mkburcham said...

Thanks for all your pictures and does make me smile! Your boys are just precious..and I am amazed at how wonderful Reed looks and how healthy he is! The eating thing made me laugh with Braden..with Jonas...he still makes a mess and that little smile will always win you over..I is too fuss over a silly mess! You are such a good mommy!! I hope I can meet your boys one of these days! I keep praying for you all!