Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rollin' On

I love this picture of the boys getting ready for bath time. They love to play with each other's hands. Reed let Braden eat his fingers for a long time before he realized that it hurt a little bit!
This was right before R let B know that it hurt!
The early morning is some of the best times with the boys. They are both so rested and are in the best moods. They are both good babies but the late afternoons tend to be the time they are a little fussier.
Can't you tell that Reed just woke up!
I am not for sure what kind of face Reed is making here but I thought it was kind of cute.
I think that he looks like such a big boy here. We are so proud of the improvement that he has made over these last few weeks and we are so excited about how far that he has come.
Braden absolutely loves the outside. When they get fussy in the afternoon, outside is my first choice for curing their fussiness. I will put one of them in this bouncer and the other in the bouncy seat in the tree. That buys me a good hour of their contentment!
Braden has really started "talking" a lot. He says dada and mama but tends to say dada more often:-) B still does not crawl but loves to sit up and stand anytime he gets a chance.
Mom and I took the boys shopping today and let me tell you, Braden is a little entertainer. He had the ladies just a laughing in the store. The more they laughed, the more he put on!
A lady shopping put it pretty well...she said "That one is going to be the one into everything and his brother will probably just follow right along with him!"
Bath time is another time killer if we are in need of something to keep their or should I say my sanity...just kidding!
"What did I get a hold of?"
"It sure does taste good!"
The progression of getting tired in my jumpy chair after an hour of bouncing:
Braden still loves to ride his giraffe. I cannot believe how big my boys are getting already.
Yesterday, I left Reed on his play mat and this is where I found him. He has discovered how to roll to get somewhere.
Do you see any resemblance????
Another one of Reed's tricks is patty caking! Braden has been doing this for a while since my nanny taught him how and now Reed has caught on!
Thanks for checking on us and continuing to pray for our boys. We owe God all the glory for the progress that Reed has made over the past months and for the continued health of Braden and Reed!


carol said...

gotta love them babies. Did their daddy ever quit chewing on his toes? ha ha Wait till braden gets hair. He will probably have a head full. Ryan had such long curls i hated cutting them and didn't think Seans would ever grow. Now look at them. Take care and pics are on the way. enjoy. Love and prayers for all of you. xoxoxoxo'sgram

andrea said...

Such precious boys you have...they are getting so big! I can hardly believe all of this time has passed by so quickly...PRECIOUS!

Vanessa said...

They both look like they are doing just great! Looks like you're having a lot of fun with them.

Sheena White said...

Great pics! Braden's eyes are amazing in the outside pics. I love the ones of Reed getting sleepy in the jumpy thing. So sweet! You are in my prayers,love yall!

Aunt Sheena

Missy said...

They are getting so big! Time flies when your having fun:) So cute!!!

Natalie said...

Reed does look like such a big boy in that chair. He looks like he is doing great!
Easton still says dada all the time. I'm like 'where's the love buddy?' :0)