Friday, July 17, 2009


It's been another hot week this week so we resort to the pool. Actually, the boys were being fussy but they weren't tired so I decided to fill their pool up. I do not know how they sat there because the water was freezing! I am not for sure what scene this was on the Farm Animals Einstein but they both loved whatever was on!
I was busy playing with Reed the other morning and Ryan called me and this is how I found them! Gotta love the turbine look on Braden!
This is how B and R spend a lot of their time playing during the day. If it's nice outside then we just move these outdoors.
"Are you talking to me?"
Braden: Reed: (he was ready for a nap so not really wanting to cooperate with me and give me a smile)Getting ready for bed time. I love nothing more than our boys in their little footed pajamas.


Michael and Hannah said...

Oh wow, they are looking less like babies and more like little boys! Gotta love that Baby Einstein... Wesley STILL loves them. We finally bought the complete set on Ebay. Julie Clark is my BFF!

MereSpeckClayton said...

so stinkin cute!!! seriously--amazing how much they have grown!!

carol said...

God is so wonderful and I know we are to cherish these little wonders that he gave us. But for me it is so much more. Because I loved the first batch with all my heart and never believed I would ever have so much love left in my heart for the next generation. But I do believe the heart grows stronger and true love only grows deeper. These grandkijust cry and laugh at the same time. ds of mine are so loved by this grannie that I could cry and laugh at the same time. Can't wait to see you all... xoxoxo's gram