Friday, July 31, 2009

Headed on Vacation

We are headed to Florida tomorrow for vacation. My grannies, parents and sister-in-law are going with me and the boys. Unfortunately, Ryan has to stay and work:-(
We have been going to the pool to get the boys ready for some sun and swimming!

Reed is so excited to be going to Florida!
Braden eating his first grilled cheese. Don't worry, I only put this plate on his tray for the picture!
Braden having a conversation with Reed.
This is usually how Braden ends up when watching Einstein.
"Give me five, Braden"
"Reed, I'll give you five on your head instead of your hand"
Reed has been really practicing sitting up this week and is making some progress.
"Don't you think I am doing pretty good?!"

I will post a lot of pictures from the boys first trip to the beach when we get back!


carol said...

Prayers are for everyone on vacation and please pay real good attention to the sun and sharks. the pics were great you all have a great time and enjoy yourselves and those babies. love gram and papa T. xoxxoxoxoxoxoxo's always. p.s. reed you keep sitting up and it won't be long and you will be caught up to brother. Its okay though to have a brother who loves you so much and will show you how to do it.

Melissa said...

Have a great beach vacation! We leave on Wednesday to go to the beach for 10 days! I am sure that we will have lots of pictures, too. Have a great trip. Kiss the boys for us :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Have fun!!! Where are you going in Florida? If you're ever in the area in the future, I'd love to meet up and see those beautiful boys in person!