Saturday, August 08, 2009

Florida Continued!

We went to a seafood restaurant one night and Braden thought he would try his first lemon. I figured it wouldn't hurt since he doesn't have any teeth yet!
This was his response but ke kept chewing on it.
They had highchairs that were great for Reed. These work much better than the wooden ones with just a strap.
Beach PicturesReading time with Nana
Pool Time

More Beach Pictures
One of my favorite pictures from the beach


Dawn said...

OMG ~ That last picture is absoloutely gorgeous! You MUST frame it!! I love the monogrammed outfits also. It is so wonderful to see them together and so healthy!!!

We are at

carol said...

Wow Wow Wow papat and I looked at these and wished we had been their... They must have had a great time. They look so great in each pic but the beach wear and the pics were super special. I'm going to have to enlarge some of them they are so great. xoxoxo's to you all and prayers as always .gram

Natalie said...

Oh! I LOVE that last picture!!
How did you manage to get good picts. with TWO babies and I couldn't even get a good picture with my ONE baby??? Looks like you all had a good time. I'm still cracking up at all the stuff you packed for the airport!! It is amazing how much more stuff you have to bring along!

Sheena White said...

awesome pics! I am glad yall had fun and the boys did well!!!

mkburcham said...

OH Keeley! Your boys just continue to get cuter. Reed is doing so great..I love it! I also LOVE that last got some awesome pics! They are both so cute.. Wow, I thought I had to pack a lot for only one...double that with twins..good thing you had so much help! Love ya