Saturday, August 08, 2009

Florida 2009

I took a TON of pictures from our trip to Daytona Beach with my family. We had a great time and the boys were wonderful. I think that I just finished uploading 50 pictures to this post and the next so there will not be much commenting on the pictures!!!
All that I have to say is that babies add a whole lot more stuff to have to carry on the plane with you. We had 7 pieces of luggage plus 2 car seats, 1 pack-n-play, and a stroller making for 11 checked on pieces of baggage! Good thing my dad came:-)
This was the boys first flight and they did wonderful. Neither one of them cried and both slept part of the way there.
Aunt Tina was a great help and the boys love her. My mom, Tina and granny(my dad's mom) rode with Braden and me, my dad, and nanny(my mom's mom) rode with Reed.
In our car from the airport was me, Tina, nanny and Reed. We rented 2 cars since we didn't want a huge van..not to mention those cost a ton to rent.
My poor nanny was stuck in the back with Reed and the double stroller. You can also see an exersaucer in the back with her too. I bought one at a consignment store for $20 because the boys needed something to play in. I wish that I had on video us trying to get that exersaucer in the back seat with her. I couldn't breath I was laughing so hard!
That is one suggestion I have for those of you flying with a little one who need some toys for your child. You can always rent from a company but I figured that I could by one as cheap if not cheaper and bring it home with us!! Now the boys have a new big toy to play with at home.
So Reed had a great week! You can tell that from previous posts Reed is normally lying down in most of the pictures that I take. Here is Reed when we got to Florida........Here is Reed a few days after being in Florida!!!!! He is now sitting up. We still put pillows behind him because he is still a little unstable at times. (He had just woken up in this picture!)
Nanny, Granny and mom
I got the question several times if Reed was a girl or boy even though he was dressed just like Braden! Do you think these sunglasses help?
These are the same sunglasses that I painted with a Sharpie!!! Flowered ones were the only ones I could find so I made them more manly!!!
I have no idea what looks Braden and Reed have on their faces but pretty funny
Prunes anyone?!?
Reed and Braden didn't seem to get that the time change meant they were supposed to sleep later. I would just put them in the same pack-n-play so that I could "sleep" a little longer
Getting ready for the pool I would love to know what Reed was telling Braden
Trying to get some lovin' from the boys but they weren't having it!
Pool Time
Reed fell asleep in their car float. The pool seemed to do a good job of wearing them out.
"Mom, I'm ready for my first car"
Aunt Tina and I would play with the boys until they got tired. Once they got tired, the grannies and my dad would watch the boys while we stayed outside. Braden not really sure about the ocean.
Braden loved chewing on the strap on Reed's hat
The next post has more pictures from their first trip to the beach.


Rachel said...
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Rachel Sullivan said...

I am so happy you got to take a well deserved vacation! Your dad looks like he had the most fun pushing the cart of luggage and accessories!

Natalie Church said...

Love, love the new pics! It looks like the boys did great. Poor least she had Reed with her back there:) I'll call you this week sometime. Glad ya'll had fun!

Michael and Hannah said...

All of that gear is cracking me up! Looks like you all had a great time. The boys are so cute in their beach duds!