Monday, July 13, 2009

8 Months!

The boys are now 8 months old. Can you believe it?!? We are so thankful for each day that we have we them and for their continued good health. I am not for sure if I would have cherished each day as much as I do know after Reed's heart transplant. I know that I would have enjoyed them every day but his 'rough' beginning of life made us truly grateful to God for His rich blessings that He bestowed upon Ryan and me.
Now, these pictures are pretty funny. My nanny came in town and brought the boys these UK onesies. Thank goodness for Kentucky relatives!
Braden was obsessed with grabbing Reed's ear.
Reed thought that it kind of tickled at first.
Braden still enjoying Reed's ear.
Reed realizing that it doesn't tickle anymore!
Braden trying to bodyslam his brother. Braden better do this while his brother is smaller than he is!!!
Can you tell that Reed is getting some meat on those bones?! He went for his cardiology appointment today and he weighs 16 pounds 2 ounces. He is not only taking his bottles now but likes to eat sometimes at 2 hour intervals. I never would have thought I would be so grateful to keep making more bottles.
Do you think that Ryan is really asleep in this picture?
Martha Lynn, Camille, me and Braden went up to church camp one day last week. I took Braden because I figured that I would not have enjoyed the day with both boys there. People asked why I took B over R but there was really no good reason other than the fact that I didn't have to remember to give medicines while at camp:-)
Braden is already ready for camp. He loved being outside all day and only took a nap on me while in the pool! Ryan came up to camp that night and we enjoyed hanging out with some of the youth group kids. I sure missed camp this year but it woun't be long before I will be sending R and B to camp as junior campers.
Enjoying some tummy time.
The sequence of toy stealing:
What happens when Nana and Papa are left alone with the boys for a few minutes! We thought about an arranged marriage for Camille and one of our boys but we decided on Saturday that this was not a good thing!! She was crawling all over them and 'beating' them up! She better enjoy this while she can because I have a feeling that it won't be too long before they are making her cry! Just kidding! I hope that Reed and Braden are best friends with sweet Camille.
Reed a little confused by Camille's forwardness at such a young age! Zach and Martha, you better watch out for this one!
Reed has been practicing sitting up this week and is doing much better. It's still a lot of work for him but he will get it!
Braden with his best buddy, Big Bird.
Do baby's know how to fake smile? When I took this picture, I really thought Reed was fake smiling for the camera.
Braden watching some Einstein in his big boy chair. They grow up way too fast!


Jan Cromer (Brian's mom) said...

They are just too precious. Praise God for all that He has done for you four this past 8 months. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

andrea said...

Happy 8 months cuties!

Laura Lake said...

How truly blessed you are. I love these boys so much. They are so precious to me. I can't believe they are already 8 months old. How amazing...God IS good.
Love & Blessings send your way.

mkburcham said...

They are so---freakin cute! I love your precious boys and cannot believe they are 8 months! Reed looks so healthy! God is good!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it! We are praying for you guys and will be!!!!! Let me know if you need ANYTHING! Love Martha

DCVol said...

So, so, so adorable. I cannot believe they are already 8 months old and how could they possibly get cuter and cuter by the day~ they are dolls and I dare say they are so pretty...I firmly believe that baby boys can be pretty :). Hugs and prayers, Kelly S.

Whitney said...

Keeley, your boys are the cutest things! They are both so incredibly beautiful!

We have "arranged" a marrige between Hayes and our next-door-neighbor's little girl... and she beats up on him, too. What is it with little girls these days! It's starting earlier and earlier! ;-)

Brian said...

Where's the Kansas gear?!?

Michael and Hannah said...

The Kentucky pics are my favorites!!! I knew that with such good looks your boys must have good taste as well. ;o)