Sunday, June 18, 2017

School Events

We have been blessed with a wonderful school that our kids love...
Quinn, Kylie, and Isla are full of  personality
 Book Character Day
I love the boys' self portraits
 Sawyer Rose turns 4!
Sawyer (aka Rosie) loves Paw Patrol right now and Aunt Tina did a great job with her party.
 This is what the kids look like when I pick them up at the end of the day. 
Thankful for great teachers and friends!
 Field Trips
Kylie's class went to Gentry's Farm and the boys' class went to Traveler's Rest for theirs. I was able to chaperone both of their trips which were a lot of fun.
Reins and Kylie are good friends from this year, but they both get a little embarrassed when you mention the other person's name. Such a fun age!
Reins, Isla and Kylie
Kylie Reese does love her boots...

I didn't take many pictures of the boys' wasn't as entertaining as a farm. 
Reed, Zack, Grayson, and Braden

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