Sunday, June 18, 2017

Defeated Spring Break

Who has packed for camping before?!! It's like you have to take half of your house to "survive" for 5 days! I got tired of trying to squeeze everything into the back of Ryan's truck so we bought a trailer. Camping twice a year justifies that purchase, right?! 
We planned camping with friends for the first half of spring break from Thursday night to Tuesday. The weather was looking pretty good for the daytime but the nights were going to be cold
 therefor the trailer was half full of firewood and the other half filled with bikes, coolers, chairs, and a tailgating tent.
The great thing about leaving right after school is the kids usually fall asleep on the way. As you can see, the bed of the truck was still FULL even with the trailer. Remind me again why camping is such a great idea:-)  Ryan gets the better end of the deal by working while we take all of the stuff and unload it before he gets to the camp site....actually I'd way rather do this than work! 
 The following pictures are exactly why packing half of your house up is totally worth it. It's amazing how God gave us the outdoors which is all that the kids need to be entertained. 
 Ryan, Camille and ML trying to get warm while the sun rises. 
 Lindsay and Avery
 I know we all look miserably cold in this picture, but we survived.
 After the kids go to bed, the adults have a great time frying up some donuts over the fire and just talking. This is when Laura's chair somehow collapsed from underneath her as she was trying to sit or maybe she ate too many cinnamon sugar donuts!
 Doesn't UNO bring back some great memories!
 Reese, Rylee, Callie, Kylie and Cece spent hours building a 'fort' in the water.
This was our Sunday morning church service with a hands on lesson to teach them 
about walking in other people's shoes.
 It was March Madness so we had to have a tv since Kentucky and Kansas were playing. 
 All of the kids would pile into on RV at night to unwind and watch a movie. I love all of these sweet kiddos and thankful for wonderful friends to do life with! 
 This girl loves any type of bug or animal. I won't even do this but she loves it.
 This was a writing assignment that Braden did about this spring break. This sums up the remaining week of our spring break once we got home from camping. And yes, the tooth fairy did bring $50 for Reed's tooth....this is what happens when the tooth fairy and Ryan are best friends;-)

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