Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fun Days

The Derby Run
Kylie and Isla waiting for the run to start. The kids had perfect weather for this 
day even though it was a little cool. 
This is a 30 minute run to see how many laps the kids can run to raise money for the school. 
Reed ran 17 laps.
Kylie ran 15 laps
Braden ran 19 laps.
 Field Day Fun
The first scheduled field day got cancelled due to rain, but we had a sunny 
make up day that was really hot! 
 Reins, Sam, and Kylie
The big white bow might have slowed her down!
Annalise, Molly, Isla, Kylie, Quinn, Bella, and Tia
Tug of War is still the favorite all of these years later.
Boys are so much more competitive than girls....or at least in our family right now!
Braden before tug of war started....
Braden after tug of war...
 It was quite funny seeing a class full of boys crying because they lost tug of war. Oh how innocent these kids are...Not a worry in the world except who wins tug of war!!!

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