Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Mild Winter

Gatlinburg Trip
We went to Gatlinburg with the Karkaus and Crawfords for a long weekend.  The kids have never been skiing before so we went to Ober Gatlinburg to give it a try! 
Kylie and Cece ready to go tubing
Hudson was ready too! 
 I think we chose the busiest hour for tubing but we had a great time.  Since the lines were long to get on the conveyor belt to get you back up the hill, we killed time with snow ball fights. 
 I'm sure this snow was really clean for Reed to be eating it;-)
 Camille, Callie, CeCe, and Kylie
 After tubing, we put Kylie, Braden, and Reed in ski school with Camille. Let's just say it might have been a long two hours. At the end of the lesson, the instructor said that Kylie caught on the quickest!
Callie, Camille, Cece, Colton, Hudson, Kylie, Braden and Reed
 Warming up after tubing and skiing.

After the freezing cold, it was time to warm up in the hot tub.
 The boys led our worship service on Sunday morning! 
Kylie Reese
I love all of the sweet notes that Kylie wrote at school this year. 
 I don't remember writing like this in 1st grade. Do you?!
Who knows where she has heard about "little bugs that come eat food in your teeth at night"...
maybe from her mom!
 She enjoys the little things in life
A snaggle tooth little 6 year old girl
Kylie LOVES when Nanny is in town to play with her.
 Nanny is the best great grandmom that a little girl can have. 
85 years separate these two in age, and I love their relationship!
It is so fun having a little girl that enjoys dress up and playing makeover. She asked me to hot roll her hair one night just for fun. She looked way too grown up though.
 What happens when your sweet daughter leaves your van door open one night?! The fat raccoon that loves to visit often gets in your car, eats 4 granola bars, tracks mud prints all over, leaves green stuff from the pond in your carpet, but thankfully doesn't tear up my seats. 
 Having kids who can help pick up sticks makes the work so much more fun! We made it into a competition to see who could get the biggest pile. You can be the judge! 

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