Monday, February 02, 2009

The Weekend

Saturday, January 31
We had a busy weekend with birthday parties, the Super Bowl, and hanging out at the hospital. We do not know for sure when Reed will get to come home...hopefully this week!
They check his temperature every 4 hours and one time on Saturday, he had 101 temperature. The rest of the checks though he did not have a fever. Since they are overly cautious with Reed, they drew blood for a culture to make sure that he has no infection and went ahead and put him on antibiotics. As of yesterday, the culture had no grown anything! Reed must also get his tube feedings to stay down before they will send him home.
All of this to say that we do not know for sure what day he will get to come home. We just want him healthy before he comes home! None of this seems to phase him!!!
Reed hanging out with some of his friends!
I left to go to the gift shop downstairs on Saturday and when I returned this is what I found. All three of my boys asleep. Braden is in the background on the couch, Ryan in the chair, and Reed in his bed. I hope they are all this good when I bring Reed home.
Ryan and I have to find ways to entertain ourselves at the hospital. We spent lots of time playing with the new function I found on my camera! Here are some of the pictures:
This was Reed after he got stuck from getting his blood drawn. He got a yellow crayon bandaid. He handles all of this so well!
He soon forgot that it hurt to get stuck!
Saturday, we celebrated Hailey's birthday. Braden was worn out after all the fun. The kids had just finished playing in a blow up thing with balls so that is why their faces are so red. Pictures below: Camille Crawford, Braden White, Hailey Story, Preston Terry, and Weston Willeford.
Braden and his girlfriends Camille. Braden and Reed may have to fight over her!
After the party, we went to dinner with Barbara and Ronnie Hunter. They took us to Tangredi's and we ran into Beth, one of the NICU nurses. Beth calls Braden her boyfriend so she was super excited to see him. It was really neat because Beth's parents were there too and her parents knew about us and said they had been praying for Reed this whole time. Beth is getting married in May so I guess Braden will have to find him a new girlfriend!
Sunday, February 1
We spent the day at the hospital after church until the Super Bowl. This is one of Reed's looks that he loves to give. I think he is saying "how could you guys put me through all of this!"
This is his 'deer in headlights' look!
Braden was ready to cheer for the Cardinals yesterday. Aunt Tina, you should love this picture since you are trying to practice his cheerleading moves!
Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Pray that Reed will remain healthy, keep his milk down, and be ready to come home when the time is right!


Missy said...

He looks so good! great job with the color in the pictures! Hope that he get to come home soon!!

Sheena White said...

I love all the new pics!!! Uncle Sean and Aunt Sheena have such handsome nephews ;)