Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Week

Mr. Reed has behaved himself so far this week. He has been doing great with his feedings by tube and kept everything down. Several of you have asked about his feedings so let me try to explain what he is currently on:
He is getting 19ml's every hour for 24 hours today. FYI: ml stands for millileter, and an ml is also called a cc which stands for cubic centimeter. For those of us who have a hard time understanding how much 19 ml's of milk is then just remember that 15 ml's is about 1/2 ounce! (After being at Vanderbilt for so long, I do not understand why the US does not switch our measurement system to the metric system like the rest of the world uses!) His goal is to get to 20 ml's an hour at a continuous rate. However, our ultimate goal is for him to take his milk by mouth, which we are currently working on each day.
Once he masters the 20 ml's a day for 24 hours, we will then condense the amount he needs into 20 hours then shorten that time frame and so on and and so on!
Doesn't he look hilarious in his bouncy seat. It is kind of tricky because he loves to be swaddled but he must also be strapped in his seat. For some reason, he loves to have something on his head too. The nurses said they have seen this with twins before because they were so used to having something touch them for 9 months in my belly. Go figure!
Reed also loves the Rainforest swing. That's a good thing because Braden does not like it anymore. I think Braden doesn't like it because I would always put him in the swing while I took a shower and got ready! They are both so spoiled already!!!
Bathtime with the Boys
Braden loves to take a bath. He really likes taking one at Nana's house because she makes it a bubble bath.
He was obsessed with the faucet.
Look how big Reed's head looks compared to his little body. He is just about skin and bones right now but his body is catching back up. His scar is looking so good too and his bruises from surgery are fading.
One of Braden's favorite positions. This is one of the many reasons that he is so spoiled already!
Mom was successful getting Reed to take his bottle yesterday morning. Nana has the touch! Braden and dad playing in Reed's bed. Little B is getting so strong. He is going to have to help Reed exercise when he gets home.
This is Dr. Dodd and Reed. We absolutely love her as his heart transplant doctor. I think that Reed has her wrapped around his fingers too because she loves to come in and hold him every day. She even got him to take 11 cc's of milk this morning by bottle.
My favorite picture of Reed (for this week!)


andrea said...

Great pics Keeley! You have beautiful little men :)

Missy said...

I love their eyes!!! Watch out little ladies!!

Jenny Phillips said...

those pictures are just wonderful! thanks so much for sharing them.

DCVol said...

Your boys are soooooo, so, so precious~ these are awesome pics! Kelly S.

-vic- said...

Keeley thanks for continuing to share your story on the blog. Your boys are precious. I am thankful God gave you a good week and has answered so many prayers!

The Simmons Family said...

I am so thrilled that Reed looks so great! I'm sure your anxious to get him home with Braden and be hospital free.

The Hadfields said...

For the first time I noticed that Reed looks like you! Do people tell you that?? I am so glad he is dong so well. They are both absolutely precious!

Sheena White said...

We love all the pics, especially bath time! HA! Why did Reed have a sock on one arm? (Shauna wants to know) Much love to our newphews!!!

Aunt Sheena and Unlce Sean

Anonymous said...

They are looking good! We keep you in our prayers--your daily routine is quite a chore! Love to your family. Linda and Jerry Schwieger

Natalie Church said...

That is so funny that he likes to have something on his head...too cute!