Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Good Days

After my post on Monday, things have settled down quite a bit! Reed has been very good today and yesterday. They lowered his dose of magnesium that he gets each day and he has tolerated it well so far! He has also kept his milk down for the most part except for a couple of big spit ups. This is to be expected with his reflux, milk intake, and the amount of medicines that he gets. Please pray that this new feeding schedule will continue to go well and that he will eventually take everything by mouth and have no need for the tube. Here is the way he is being fed for three hour intervals: (He must take a total of 60 cc's of milk in three hours)
1) Take as much by bottle that he will take in 20 minutes. Whatever is left from the 60 cc's is then put in his bag that goes through the tube. The remaining amount will be given slowly to him in the remaining three hour time interval.
2)Our ulitmate goal is for hi to take all 60 cc's and have no need for the tube feedings. This will probably be a slow process that we will work on.

Reed and Braden still love this mobile. My mom even ordered one on internet since they love it so much. Who knew that birds could be so entertaining!
Reed was worn out today after his bottle feeding!
Reed has really discovered his little fingers this past week. This is one reason we have to be really careful about washing our hands because he loves to put everything in his mouth right now!
Braden was decked out in his little bear coat that Maureen Proctor got the boys. I absolutely love them!
My favorite pic of Braden for this week! "Enough of the photo shoot mom, please get me out of this coat since I'm inside!"


Seam W. said...

In that second picture from the bottem. Braden looks like he has Ryan's ears. Funny.

Seam W. said...

(bottom), sorry for the poor spelling.

Courtney said...

I love the new pics! That coat is too cute! And, Reed really looks great! ;)

Vanessa said...

Glad to hear the update and that things are getting better. Just hang in there!

Dana said...

Glad to hear little Reed is doing better. What trials those precious children put us through!! You know they are soo worth it - just look at their sweet faces. Still praying for Reed to come home soon!!
Love to all,
Jerry, Dana, Wesley, John & Kendall

Jan Cromer said...

Still praying for you guys. God is so good!!!

Mittig family said...

I can't get over how great Reed looks! That new heart suits him well :)

brian said...

Keeley - it is official from the mobile, both Reed and Braden are Jayhawk fans.

Hitchcock Family said...

Hi Ryan and Keeley! A friend of mine sent me your blog the other day, and I thought I would try to contact you. We actually have a couple of mutual friends as well...Mandi Terry, and I went to high school with Josh Story. Our son, Colby, who is 6 months old now, has Tricuspid Atresia and Hypoplastic Right Heart, so we are also very familiar with Vanderbilt. We will definitely keep you all in our prayers. Your boys are beautiful, and it looks like you also have a tough little man! These heart babies are truly amazing! I would love to talk to you if you ever have a free minute. It is always nice to have heart friends that live close! OUr email is and our blog is Hang in there, and I hope you are all at home together soon!