Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Please Pray

Well, Reed likes to do his own thing! I came into his room around 12:30 this afternoon and there were two cardiologists by his bed. My first thought was "oh no, his heart is being rejected." Thankfully his heart is still doing great and very healthy!!!
To make a long story shorter, he is being moved back down to the 5th floor for closer monitoring because he is breathing too hard. They call this being tachypnic. His echo on his heart showed no change, praise God! They did a chest and belly x-ray which showed that he had extra fluid around his left lung. They are about to put in a thin tube through his side to drain off this extra fluid. They are pretty sure this is what is causing his tachypnea. Dr. Dodd said this extra fluid is sometimes caused from pushing the feedings too quickly or too much.
Please pray that this procedure goes well and fixes the problem!


Dana said...

keeley & ryan,
the pictures are great! the boys are growing so much and they are so sweet. i know that you can't wait to get reed home. we are still praying for everything to go well so he can come home!!
love to all!
Jerry, Dana, Wesley,John & Kendall

The Parker Family said...

Jackson and I said a special prayer for Reed when I picked him up from preschool today. We are praying for the treatment to work and Reed to be home as soon as possible. Let us know if you need anything.

Sheena White said...

Poor buddy!! I am always praying for him. He is going through so much. I wish we could take his place. Glad that this can be corrected!!!! Love you all :)

Aunt Sheena

Mittig family said...

We will definitely keep Reed in our prayers Keeley! Let us know any updates so we can be specific!

Anonymous said...

Keeley and Ryan,
My heart goes out to ya'll. I just want to know we are praying and thinking of you. If we can help in anyway just let us know. He is such a precious child. May God be with you during this time. I know you can't wait till he comes home. Our child Isaac was on a feeding tube for nearly two months. He had the feeding tube at night, now he thinks he still has to eat all night. He is 19mths. old still not sleeping through the night. I will get up every night for him. We are just glad he is here. I'm sure you will be the same. Our Isaac is one special boy. I know you feel the same about Reed.

The Rice Family said...

I am praying for you guys. Look at what all Reed has already gone through and overcome! I bet when you look back, this will be the teensiest blip of an issue! I am praying hard for you guys to get your little butterbean home!