Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wonderful, Crazy Time of the Year

Kylie and her sweet, awesome teacher, Miss White, after her 1st grade Christmas program.
 I hosted a "Favorite Things" for the ladies in our Sunday school class. Each person brought something that was their favorite (times 3) to exchange with 3 other people. At the end of the swap, you get to go home with three other ladies' gifts at the end of the night. It is so fun to see the different items that people brought.
Decorating the tree 
 Ryan and I at the kids' school 
 We always do a Christmas light scavenger hunt. We had so much fun that I had to make another list for another night to do it again. 
 Christmas concert at church
 One Starry Night program 
Granny Carol and Grandpa bought Kylie some new outfits for her dolls. 
 And some new fake glasses that she loves to wear
 Charley, Kylie, and Sawyer
 The Night before Christmas
Braden and Reed wanted nothing but things to do with sports this year. It is kind of sad that we are already out of the toy buying stage. Wow, how those times fly! 
It pains me that my little girls will be wearing KU instead of UK..haha
Kylie didn't even ask for these Wellie Wishers but she loves them!
Ryan bought the kids new sunglasses for our beach trip.
 This was the front and back of our Christmas card this year. 
I cut back a lot on how many cards I sent out this year. 

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