Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dominican Vaca...Part I

Last summer, we decided to do a family vacation in place of buying gifts for one another. No, this does not save anyone money but it meant so much more to spend time with each other than buy one more thing that no one really needs! 
I planned our vacation to stay at The Reserve at Paradisus in the Dominican Republic which is an 
all-inclusive family resort that we would all highly recommend! 
We flew out Sunday, January 1 for Miami then got a flight from there to the DR. Their airport was way bigger than I anticipated and very nice. 
This is just the amount of luggage for our family of 5. 
The grounds were amazing and definitely the prettiest resort that we have been to. There are two parts to this resort: 1) The Reserve(where we stayed) and the 2) Paradisus Resort and Spa but it was all connected. We could walk to the beach from our resort or take a very short golf cart ride there. The Reserve is where the Kid Zone is located and it has its own huge pool and large kids pool. The resort was very laid back and relatively quiet but lots of activities scheduled throughout the day if you wanted to participate.
 Well, some of us wanted to try parasailing. Mom, Nanny and Ryan weren't brave enough:-)
We went in groups of three and it was beautiful way up in the sky looking over part of the island.
Charley, me and Kylie went first
 Next up was dad and the boys
 Each group was dipped into the water several times just for fun
 Craig, Sawyer and Tina went last
 Dinner at the hibachi restaurant. The kids were exhausted at the end of each day.
Each night there was a show at 8:30. These ranged from Cirque, Stomp, The Lion King, Michael Jackson, Queen and the Dominican Dance show. Most of them were good but Nanny had culture shock during the Dominican Dance show where the ladies choose the wear a little less on their behinds than we do:-)
 Kylie fell asleep in almost every show each night
 Reed also struggled to stay awake most nights too

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