Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dominican Vaca...Part III

 Pool Time
 Craig and Rosie
The KidZone pool where the kids are doing pool races.
 Kylie is a little mom who loves to try to carry Sawyer all of the time 
even though she is almost as big as her! 
 The kids could go in and out of the KidZone all day. The boys loved playing air hockey
Ryan and Craig did spin class on bikes in the pool
 They had a cigar making class one afternoon. Tina and I each made one, and we deciding that those things are super easy to make.  
 Don't worry, these are not lit and we just had a bit of fun with these...especially with Nanny. 
She is such a great sport!
The Three Kings Program where the Kings brought our kids each a gift. 
Not sure but I don't think the wisemen rode this to see Jesus:-)
Pirate party face painting
We came back to the room one day and they had filled the bath up for the kids! 
 "Rare", the steakhouse was very good

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