Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy 8th!

Well, we don't do birthday parties every year for our kids, but I think this one might be the boys all time favorite. I planned a "Kidnap Scavenger Hunt" party for Braden and Reed to celebrate their 8th birthday. Thankful for election day and being off of from school, we were able to celebrate on a Tuesday which gave the kids something fun to do on their day off. Here is how it worked:
1) Braden and Reed knew about their party but their friends didn't
2) We rented a 15 passenger van
3) I made navy shirts for Braden's team and royal blue for Reed's team
4) Each mom knew that we were coming to pick up their son at a certain time ranging from 6:15-7:30am. Ryan also went to pick up two boys to save us some time.
5) At each house, the boys knocked on the door and "kidnapped" their friend and gave them a shirt corresponding to which team they were on.
6) After each child was loaded into the van, the games were to begin.  
7) Each child was dropped off that afternoon by 2:00
8) Lots of fun was had by everyone but more importantly memories were made!
Before the games could officially begin, we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel with 11 boys, 2 little girls, me, Ryan, and another dad, David.
Task 1: Get someone over the age of 80 to "dab"! Don't worry, this sweet couple got a free breakfast out of being such great sports.
Task 2: Load into 1 grocery cart and get a free cookie from Publix.
 A lot of points were accumulated with different games played against each other

 Some Minute-to-Win-it fun with the Ryan and David.
More tasks to complete at their school's playground like fit everyone on one slide, squeeze your team into the smallest place, whole team hanging from the monkey bars at once, everyone on one swing, etc.
We ended the hunt at my parent's house for cake, party punch, and ice cream.

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Unknown said...

Man, I love these pics! Thanks so much for posting!! Keeley, you are Mom extraordinaire! I want to be just like you when I grow up!! 😉 Love you all! Suzi