Monday, May 24, 2010

Outside Fun...

...In the Mud...In the Pool
Reed, Camille and Braden. I guess this is what it would be like with triplets. Sweet Camille was worn out and ready for her nap. She is normally all smiles but I loved this picture...she looks like she got put in time-out but she didn't!
Poor little Kylie..this was the only safe place for her. I thought it was a pretty good idea until Braden started to climb underneath the chair to "kiss" his sister! There are not many pics of her because she is usually sleeping while the boys are hard at play:-)
...At Nana and Pappa's House
While the boys were outside, this is how I caught my dad and Kylie inside!
...and Finally Inside for a Break!


The Confer's said...

I love the black and white pics.


The Adventures of Baby Bond said...

They are all so precious!!!

carol said...

my grandbabies are sure growing and wheather there in their Sunday best or filthy they are so precious. They have a way of just making you laugh cause they are so into everything. Kiley Reese is sure growing an still the prettiest little girl in the world... Love PaPa T and Grannie Carol