Monday, May 31, 2010

Kylie is starting to chunk up here lately! Her little cheeks are filling out just like her brothers did too when they were this age. Ryan and I cannot tell exactly who she looks like but we have been getting a lot lately that she favors Reed. Who knows?
When Braden was born, he looked like my baby pictures and he now looks more like Ryan. When Reed was born, most people thought he looked like Ryan but now most people say he favors me. I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder and which side of the family you talk to! Kylie and her cousin, Charley. Charley is so much about 2 inches longer than Kylie and couple pounds more. She does have 10 days on "little" Kylie though. I look forward to these two growing up together. Hopefully this will be like Kylie having a sister so that my Nanny doesn't have to worry about her not having a sister. My Nanny to this day still wants me to have a little sister so that I don't feel left out...she doesn't realize how fun it was to have 2 older brothers either!
An attempt at a family picture of Craig, Tina and Charley. Craig was goofing around. If you don't know Craig, he is not one for taking pictures but Tina is good about putting him in his place!
Aunt Janice getting Kylie to "talk" to her. She is not really my aunt but they bought land with my parents and my parents have lived next door to them since I was born. They are definitely family!
Sweet Charley...Nanny these pictures are for you since you said you needed to see your other great grandbaby!
Doesn't Reed look thrilled too be in this grocery cart. I pushed the boys up and down the living room and they loved it even though Reed's expression isn't showing that! This grocery cart was mine when I was little and it is now getting more use from the boys.
Craig is getting payback for all those years that he and Kyle would stink up the car and put the windows on window lock to torture me! Welcome to being a dad Craig!
I'm not sure if dad was playing "this little piggy went to the market" with Kylie but she sure was loving what he was doing.
I must admit that I absolutely love having a daughter. I was for sure that I was destined to have all boys which would have been fine too but another girl in the family will be much needed! My mom always said that it was nice having a daughter because she remembers those important days whereas Kyle and Craig were not so good at it! Not to mention someone to go shopping with!
"Oh be careful little hands what you touch" ... especially if it is nanna's flowers. You can tell that Reed and Braden are just dying to pick them some flowers.
This picture is priceless even though you can't see my mom' s face in this picture. I think they were getting scolded from nanna which RARELY happens. My mom seems to have forgotten all the rules she had for us growing up. I guess that's the difference between being a mom and a grandmom!
This is why I need to Windex my windows and doors all the time...but I don't!
Braden's hair cracks me up in this pic. Meet Patch Reed! He is now wearing his patch about 2 hours a day to improve his right eye strength. The first month of patching did a great job and the doctor was very pleased. He will now patch for 2 hrs. a day for 2 months then be reevaluated. We are hoping to have the surgery to fix the strabismus (causes his eyes to turn in sometimes) this summer! Who says girls can't wear blue!
I guess climbing on the coffee table should not be allowed...we are working on this!
Colton turned 2...Happy Birthday!
Colton had lots of fun toys to play with but Braden and Reed loved this 4-wheeler.
We are also trying to learn to share!
Our boys are getting so big Celebrating Memorial Day at my parents' house Reed imitating an elephant. Ryan does a great impression of an elephant and the boys have definitely caught on! Boys and their toys...they wish!
Braden and Ryan...
Reed and Ryan...


Amy said...

I absolutely LOVE looking at your blog! I started when Reed was so sick and can't quit reading it now. I am SO thankful that God has blessed you guys with health and handfuls of fun! I love that you let them be kids and get dirty and have fun like I did when I was growing up on a farm! Those things they will remember for the rest of their lives! I will continue to pray for you guys as well as keep up with you on your blog! Love, Amy Haynes

Michael and Hannah said...

My favorite is Reed in the shopping cart! Hilarious. So glad you're getting to experience all the joys of having a daughter. She's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

can't believe how these children are growing up! every time I look at your blog I can't help but tear up....I love reading the blog and seeing all the are such a beautiful family. I would love to meet your mom & dad some time...blessings to all, Susan Pauley

Specks said...

Your three kids are beyond precious~ you are all sooo beautiful and I really hope we can see you soon and meet your sweet Kylie! Love, Kelly

carol said...

Even though the computer drives me crazy!!! I am so thankful for all the peoples that invented it.. I don't know what granopa and I would do if we couldn't see the kids every week. Can't wait to see you all on the 11th. I agree with your other bloggers they crack me up and make me tear up. They are so cute and so natural in there play. I would love to know what goes on in their little heads. Kiley Reese is growing and I could show you some pics of her twin. See you all soon love grannie carol and grandpa terry.

joven said...

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