Sunday, May 02, 2010

2 Weeks

Little Kylie Reese is now 2 weeks old and she has been a great baby so far! At her almost 2 week old appointment, she was back up to her birth weight and doing great. She had gained 9 ounces since we left the hospital. Kylie sleeps a lot during the day but does great at night. She usually wakes up twice in the night but goes right back to sleep after I feed her. She fits right into our family!!!

The boppy is her favorite place to sleep. It is usually on top of our dining room table since that is about the only place she is "safe" from the boys:-)

I think that pappa may be wrapped around her little finger too just like he is around mine...haha!
Charley Rae and Kylie Reese are going to be best friends. Charley is my brother's little girl that was born April 5 and Kylie was born April 15. I think people will think that I have 2 sets of twins if we are out in public together with the girls and boys. Mentioning the boys, they are doing great. They do not pay a lot of attention to Kylie besides coming to give her a kiss on the head every now and then. We do have to tell them to "Be EASY" quite a bit during the day with their sister.
Braden goes 90 to nothing when he is awake. He makes us laugh all of the time but keeps us on our toes all the time too:-) Braden has discovered that the pantry is a fun place to hide just like I did when I was a kid.
Reed is still cutting teeth as you can tell by the drool on his shirt below. I think he is about to have all of his teeth in and it seems like 8 new ones are coming in at the same time. When we drive down my parents driveway, Reed will just about always say "big trucks" or "golf cart" and Braden will say "pappa". The boys now can climb up on the golf cart by themselves...I am wondering how long it will be before they can drive it by themselves too!
The boys running free in my parents front yard. This is a great place to let them go to run off all their extra energy they seem to have.
I think Braden had just crashed in this picture.
Reed enjoying being outside
This weekend we spent some time with friends celebrating Martha Lynn's 30th birthday! It was a good weekend to be away since all it did was rain all weekend...I guess I should say flooded Nashville!
Yes, there are 4 babies in the picture below. All four of them are girls and were all born this year.
Maddie, born in January; Taylor, born in February; Avery, born in March; Kylie, born in April!
It's crazy how much a difference a few months makes in babies development.
Kylie needs to start putting on some pounds! She is such a little thing right now but she will catch up!
I couldn't help but take this picture when Zach was holding Kylie being funny sitting so close to Josh:-) I think it was a few more minutes and I was sound asleep on the chair with Kylie after this picture. I think she may be a little spoiled already but I keep telling myself that she cannot be spoiled in 2 weeks already!!!


carol said...

WE are so glad you got to get away for the weekend. It was a bad storm we saw on the tv. The baby is so beautiful and she even looks more so two weeks later. Take care of my grandbabies and give them kisses till we see them again in june love gram and papaT.

Michael and Hannah said...

Wow... babies, babies everywhere!! The boys still count, too. They are still beautiful babies.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ryan and Keeley! She is beautiful and of course, your boys are just adorable! What a sweet little family (or I guess BIG family) you have!
Jamie and Josh Whitehead