Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet little Kylie sleeping in her bed. At her 4 week appointment, she weighed 8 pounds and measured 20.25 inches long. She is a growing girl! Kylie is such a sweet baby and has been great so far. She rarely cries other than when she is hungry or really really tired. I feed her twice during the night but thankfully she is a fast eater...she knows that I need my sleep! I think that Kylie must have some of the best dreams by the way she smiles during her sleep!
Reed and Braden driving one of Craig's big trucks. They love to go back to the barn at my parents house because all the big trucks are back there.

I try to take a nap when I can but that rarely happens. I can usually sneak one in if we are at my parents house because I am not looking at the million things that need to be done at my own house:-)
Braden and my dad were riding around on the golf cart one morning when it was pretty cold so dad got B this hunting tobogan to wear and he didn't want to take it off.
My nanny is going to kill me for putting this picture up of her but I couldn't resist. She was working in the yard with my mom and was so embarrassed that she had shorts on. Nanny, I love you and posted this so your sisters could see how young you still look in shorts!!!!
Why are pots and pans so entertaining?!?
This past Saturday, we took all the kids to the zoo for a Cystic Fibrosis walk in honor of our sweet little friend Tori. Tori was diagnosed this past year with CF so we want to do whatever we can to help with raising money for research for a cure.
It was funny to hear people walk by us and say "she has twins and a new baby!" Knowing good and well they are really wanting to say "are they crazy?!?"
This picture doesn't really capture the moment. The boys were so tired that they were both sound asleep riding with dad...RW just woke up when I took the picture.
Nana spoils them rotten and does just about whatever they want!
This is a typical afternoon on our way home from my parents because they are so worn out from playing all day!
First bath!


Kat said...

She is just too perfect!

Missy said...

So cute!!

Michael and Hannah said...

Gorgeous! I can't believe Kylie is already smiling... Carigan was a late smiler, I guess.

carol said...

I'm so excited about all 3 babies they are soooo wonderful. And Kylie Reese is just a growing away. Put those boys to mixing some stuff up in those bowls. Did they like the zoo? Was it tooo hot. Can't wait for june to come. Going to kiss them so much there wont be enough kissess. love gram

The Confer's said...

I love the bath pics.