Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We have had a good week so far. I think that I jinxed Reed by bragging on how well he was doing with his bottles with no tube. He decided this past weekend that he was not going to drink 120 ml's every bottle which means that the tube has to go back in. He is still doing good with his bottles but is averaging around 80-90 ml's each bottle. I still think that the little guy is getting a TON of food and calories for his size. The doctor is trying to get him caught up to where he should be for his age. I do not think that he will get rid of the tube for good until he gets caught up. It definitely makes his medicine giving a whole lot easier with the tube:-)
Little Reed gets 720 calories a day from his milk whereas Braden gets at most 600 calories a day. I think that Reed gets pretty full on his bottles since his body cannot 'get rid' of all the intake that he gets. Reed even gained 10 ounces in a week getting him to 13 lbs. 8 oz!!!!! Both boys mesmerized by Baby Einstein!
We have seen improvement in Reed's eyes this week. Praise God! He is tracking some and seems more like "old" Reed to us. He still has room for improvement in his eyes but we are so very thankful for the progress that he has made in 3 weeks.
We LOVE the outside. Every day that it has been nice we have taken the boys outside. They both seem to love the outdoors as much as I do and will sit out there for hours. We, of course, make sure that they stay in the shade!
My granny feeding Braden and watching Reed swing.
Enjoying the pretty day with their pawpaw and great granny!
I hesitated putting this picture on here but it was too funny not to. Braden loves to kick his legs over and over until he gets in this position in his bouncy seat. Don't worry...I was sitting right there beside him making sure that he did not fall.
Braden is getting to be such a big boy. He absolutely loves to stand any chance that he gets...of course with some assistance.
Thanks Aunt Tina for the boys' chairs. I know that they will be getting a lot of use out of these in the future.
If you haven't seen one of these "Hoops and Yoyo" cards then you need to go buy one. I think that they are hilarious and Braden loves them too.
Reed playing on the Einstein mat
Look at Braden's legs compared to Reeds! You gotta love em'! Reed with his ugly tube back in...oh well there are much bigger things in life to care about than looks!!! I do have to say that it is hilarious how curious people are. We took the boys to the flea market Saturday and people cannot help but to stare and wonder about Reed's tube and places on his head. I sometimes think that we would be better off by putting a sign on Reed that says "I have had a heart transplant and brain surgery!" One lady said "Oh, did he fall on his head?"
Today, my dad and I went shopping at Sam's and this little boy came up to me and asked "What is that tube coming out of his nose for?" I told him that he gets a bottle and whatever he doesn't drink he gets through the tube. His response was "How cool!"
I think that adults need a lesson from children sometimes. I think that it is better to just ask instead of just stare! (This is just the way I feel and I am sure that everyone doesn't handle it the same way that I do) It doesn't bother me at all but I can totally see how important it is to be careful with how we stare or look at others that may be a little different!!!
Thanks again for all the prayers! I thank God every day for the incredible blessing that he has bestowed upon Ryan and me with Braden and Reed.


Josh and LB said...

Ryan and Keeley,

I loved seeing the pictures and hearing the Reed's progress. They are such beautiful boys.

I can't agree with you enough on the "staring" deal. I had 9 surgeries last graft on my arm and a giant scar the size of an avocado on my foot. People love to stare (and I don't blame them) but I wish they would ask. My niece tells me I need to put medicine on my boo-boo so it will go away! :-) You are right...adults can learn a lesson from kids sometimes.

God bless you both...praying for you and Ryan and your precious boys.

~Lori Beth

DCVol said...

Those two boys are just WAY too cute for words. Way to go on your eating, sweet Reed! Bennett sure does need to take some lessons from you :). One of our little friends looked at B's g tube and asked her mommy what it was and her mommy said it was "B's special bottle"~ I thought that was a sweet and creative answer. Strangers have definitely not been as polite at times! I know the weight game is such a stress....we always added extra calories to B's milk as well as Canola Oil, per the NICU directions. Do they recommend that at Vandy? Hope to see you guys soon and we are still praying for you all! Love, Kelly

Natalie Church said...

Yea...I'm glad you updated again. I've been a little obsessed checking your blog. I'm glad we caught up this week. Let's not let that happen again. I want to see you and the boys soon! Things will slow down for me after the weekend. Thanks for the updates...they are precious!

Susan Tice said...

Keeley and Ryan, We have been following the progress of your beautiful babies on their journey. We are keeping you all in our prayers! You have to laugh at people's ignorance! I understand how you feel about the staring and questions. Children never bothered me when they asked questions about Mallory, but adults could be more thoughtful! I know you are taking great care of your boys with great help from your mom, dad and others. We still miss your dad at EH, but know he is loving spending time with his family and the new additions! All the best! Our entire family keeps up to date by your blog! Tell your mom and dad hello!

John & Susan Tice
EHCS family

carol said...

Glad you updated needed to see my sweeties,having withdrawls.they are growing so fast. You see them everyday but when you don't . Wow!They are still so presious. Ryan said today when I talked to him that Braden was just jabbering up a storm. How neat. I can sure tell with the kicking once he figures out how to get around there will be no stopping him. Well love you all xoxoxo's give a big smack to the boys on the cheeks. (thats akiss not a smack.) love and prayers always in god's word. gram

Amy said...

The picture of the boys in their chairs... all they need is a coke and a remote and they would be ALL BOY! ha ha. Love the update! It was so good to see you on Sunday! I'm loving the progress! I will continue to pray!

Melissa said...

Love ALL the pictures. I still check your blog everyday for new pictures. It is also my time that I say a special prayer for all of you all.

People can be so dumb sometimes about staring, etc. Sometimes it is better for people to keep their big mouths shut because everyone right now calls Katelyn a boy... not sure why... especially when she is dressed from head to toe in pink. I think I may get a sign for her that says... I am a girl!! Apparently the bib that she had on the other day that said "Thank Heavens for little girls" was not good enough.

Let us know if we can do anything. I would love to come visit the boys soon.
Melissa Mallicoat

Michael and Hannah said...

Isn't Baby Einstein the BEST?!! So relieved to hear that Reed's eyes are improving. I adore the pics of Big Man on Campus Braden in his chair!

Anonymous said...

Keeley, Thank you for the reminder to consider how even a stare can effect others. I have a precious niece with Down Syndrome. As a result, I'm drawn to observe other children like her. Instead of quietly observing, I ought to speak encouragement to their family. We appreciate you sharing your family's story. Dawn