Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May Already!

We have been working on Braden trying to roll over this week. Yes, he has already done this several times but he doesn't seem to want to roll over now. He really loves to stand all the time while holding someones hand. I was thinking that he might just skip the crawling thing all together since he loves to stand so much....however, my mom says that crawling is a developmental marker for reading skills later. Has anyone else heard that???? I am sure that is just one of those old wives tales that she has been taught. Here's another one that my mom likes to tell me...she says that she never carries a baby on her hip with the baby's legs around her waist because she thinks that can cause a baby to be bow legged. Now that one I think is definitely an OLD wives tale. I love you mom!!!
Reed is doing great this week with his eye sight. Ryan and I went to the lake this past weekend with friends and left the boys with my parents. I was feeling pretty discouraged on Friday before we left because I felt that Reed was not doing well with his eyes. When we got back on Sunday, I was amazed at the improvement he had made.
I don't know how many of you have had that feeling of constant worry but it was beginning to consume me. No matter how much I prayed, I couldn't help but worry about Reed never being able to fully see. Ryan always would tell me that "when you worry, just pray." This definitely has led to many prayers! It is the best feeling in the world for your child to look at you and smile back at you. God has definitely taught us to be appreciative of the "little" things that we are so truly blessed with. I hope that as time goes on that I never forget to appreciate those little things that I take for granted. Be thankful in all circumstances and look for the good!!!
Reed is beginning to love bath time. He now likes to give me a bath too with his splashes.
Yes, his tube is still in. I did have to take it out today since it needs to be changed but took that opportunity to take pictures. Please pray that Reed will begin to start taking his full bottles again without a fight from him. He is a feisty little thing and I think that he might be a little stubborn. I am not for sure if he gets that from me or Ryan!
Even though Braden's face doesn't show it, he loves his bouncy swing. He is still not strong enough to bounce like crazy on it but he enjoys spinning in it. My dad hooked the swing up in a tree for him, and he loved it! I think that he liked the feel of the monkey grass on his feet. My boys definitely love the outside.
Since it has been raining all the time and a little chilly outside today, the boys have been busy playing inside. They love their chocolate bunnies that Tina gave them. I think this may be what they become attached to. I might need to go buy a couple more just in case!
So, do they look anything alike? We get comments all the time that they look alike or they don't look alike. It is so funny who people say that each of them look like too because Ryan and I don't seem to see either one of us in Braden or Reed.
I am pretty sure that Braden's eyes will stay blue but we are not for sure about Reed's eyes.
I know that Reed's eyes look brown in this picture but they are actually dark blue. Who knows what they will end up being! Anyone know when they quit changing colors?
My precious little boys!
Thank you again for all of your prayers because that is what has and is getting us through these bumps in the road!


ashley said...

i'm not sure if you were really wanting answers to some of your questions :-) but from an occupational therapy viewpoint - crawling is for sure important! even if he loves to stand keep giving him opportunities to crawl. i don't know about reading, but it does help develop shoulder strength, helps with vision (learning near and far perception/focus, changing from 2D-3D...) and helps learn to alternate right and left before he has to do that while walking. it also helps him learn to move in transitions (hands and knees to sit to kneel to stand...) so, for what that was worth... more importantly i'm so glad both boys are doing well. i love your updates and will keep praying for reed's eyes!

Amanda said...

They are so cute! The pics are so good, I love the one of Reed smiling! I have heard the "tale" of crawling and reading. I hope it is true. Will has been crawling for 8 months!!! I am so glad you are all doing well. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers! Give the boys a hug and kiss from us.

Ryan and Michelle said...

I am glad they are doing so well. We have been praying for you all! I am awful at trying to decide "who looks like who" but my mom and I think Braden looks like Craig at times...does anyone else see that???

Mittig family said...

We were afraid Maggie would skip crawling too and my mom always told me she would have all sorts of problems if she didn't crawl-I think their mom's must have sat around and made things up since they didn't have blogs and facebook to keep them occupied! And I've heard that after 6 months, a baby's eyes pretty much stay the same color, but I don't know that that's a scientific answer. And sometimes I think the boys look alike, and sometimes NOT AT ALL, but I do think that Braden favors your family.
So glad Reed's eyes are improving, and I'm going to try and follow Ryan's advice about praying when you worry too. Y'all are always in our thoughts and prayers! Keep the updates coming!

carol said...

Since everyone is giving an opinion. I will to. Fact whether it is a wives tale or not, surely you have seen your father-in-laws legs. Before papat I don't think I had ever seen any one as bowlegged even cowboys. And yes his mom held him way too much. But fact Uncle Sean never did really crawl like normal he scooted along like a worm or he was in war. Then one day he sat and pulled himself up and that was that he knew he could get around if he could hold on to something. And he never had motor skill or reading or perception problems or any other kind of problems. The nickname worm stuck though for a long long time. Also the boys sometimes when their together and they look a certain way you think wow they look a lot alike. But Reed is certainly Ryan and Grandpa Fred . Braden is definitely you and Craig most always, but their is so much of grandpa Don too. And well thats his genes to you all and then to Braden how cool. I would love to see pics of your mom and dad and you and your brothers when you all were young.. Glad all is better glad you had fun last weekend and can't wait to see you all in June.. x0x0x0's and prayers everyday in God's word Love Gram and PapaT.

Jenny Phillips said...

Well, all 3 of my kids have scooted on their rear ends in one way or another. I have tried and tried to get them to crawl (and my third one has come the closest b/c she actually uses her hands to pull herself forward when she scoots), but once they learn to sit themselves up on their own, it's all over. So keep working on him, but if he doesn't crawl, it isn't the end of the world. :)

mkburcham said...

Your boys are just too cute! Love the pics of both of them! I am sure that Braden will crawl..Jonas was a big stander before he crawled..but then he did crawl at 8 months..and has been crawling so fast ever since and pulls him self up--and now I am worried he won't walk..always something! I have heard the tale of crawling and reading..who knows these days..but he will be fine no matter what!! I am so happy they are doing well and the Reed's eyes are improving..I will keep praying..Happy Mother's Day!! I definitely think that Braden favors your family!

Shearon Sarver said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. I LOVE seeing your boys. They are both precious.I am very glad to hear about the improvement of Reed's eyes.
Love to all,
S. Sarver

Our Family said...

They are just adorable. I thought Braden looked like you when he was a newborn but now I'm starting to think he looks like Ryan and Reed looks like you. About their eyes. The strangest thing for us is that Will had blue eyes until he was around 2 1/2 and then they turned green. Len and I both have blue eyes so we're not sure where he got them in the gene pool. We don't have any family with green eyes. So I guess you never know. Also I am kicking myself right now b/c I told you I was going to bring you a tub of clothes and it completely slipped my mind! I am so sorry. I don't know if I have anything that they can wear now that summer is here and my boys had spring and summer bdays. I'm so glad that Reed's eyes are doing better!!