Monday, May 11, 2009

We've come a long ways in these past 6 months! Tomorrow, Braden and Reed will celebrate their six month birthdays. Time flies but it also seems like it has been forever since we were in the NICU waiting for Reed to get a heart. Here is a picture of the boys back in December........And here they are now still loving their pacifiers! It is still so amazing to me the gift that Reed received from some family in their time of sorrow. I think about them often and pray that God will truly bless this family with much happiness like he has given us! My Polo boys! My Redneck Boys!
My Sleepy Boys!
My Church Boys! In their sweet (or as Ryan calls them their gay) outfits!
Momma's Boys!
Reed, Camille, and Braden in their matching pajamas that Aunt Martha bought them. There is going to be a fight over sweet Camille but maybe they will all just be best friends! Braden.....
....getting ready for the beach.
....making some crazy expression
...playing in the laundry basket ...loving his new Kansas quilt that his great gradma Lelda made for him
...taking his first bath this week in the big tub. He absolutely loves it!
...playing with his daddy's Kansas hat
...with his muddy legs after jumping in his jumpy chair outside after the rain. This is what happens when I leave Braden with Ryan and my dad to babysit! Reed...
...enjoying being able to fully see with his eyes! Thank you God!
...lying on his quilt that Laura and Mrs. Joy gave him while he was in the hospital!
...holding his neck up. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to most but this is huge for him! ...wondering when he is going to take his full bottles so he can get this ugly yellow tube out!
...loving on his mom for Mother's Day
....ROLLING over!!!!
....hitting Braden
My Sweet Boys!


Jan and Randy Cromer said...

Keeley and Ryan, your boys are so adorable. We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. I know you had a wonderful first Mother's Day. Here's to many more.

Jan and Randy Cromer

The Hadfields said...

They are both SO precious! I know this must have been such a wonderful Mother's Day for you!!!

Melissa said...

Reed looks awesome! He just looks so healthy and full of life. I was so glad to get to see them when your mom and dad had them at church. Keep the pictures coming! Oh by the way, Katelyn will take whichever one that Camille does not choose :)

Natalie said...

Justin calls them "gay" outfits too. Husbands don't know ANYthing!!
They are getting so big!! I am so glad that Reed has his sight back! He looks like he is doing great.
By the way... I've been told that Camille likes older men so Easton is also in the running! HA!
I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!!

Rachel said...

Pete never understood "Sunday outfits" on Joshua either and didn't allow them after he turned 2(I guess he became a man then??)! The photos are great...the 1st is a great reminder of just how far Reed has come. Both boys look so happy. I know your 1st Mother's Day was great!

carol said...

Wow! six months. A huge monument of time when you think what has happened the Good the Bad and the ugly of situations. What a wonderful Lord we have and the wonderful people out there all over the U.S. that are praying for you all. I know their my grandbabies but, they are just great... I love their smiles, I love the mud, I love the rolling over, I love the cowboy boots Tina gave them. Their is not one thing I can look at and not love about them and wish I was closer to enjoy them everyday. You are so blessed and I hope you have at least 80 more Mother's days. Love Gram xoxoxoxoxo's to all of you.

Sean W. said...

We had a couple of "sweet" outfits that people had bought. We took them back. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Jenny P said...

Happy first Mother's Day, Keeley! They are beautiful and precious and so handsome in their Sunday outfits. They're only little once and there's plenty of time after that, Lord willing, to dress them like "big boys." thanks so much for the pictures, updates, and inspiration!

Laura Lake said...

I love the update! How awesome......what a ride you all have been through. I get so much strength from you, Ryan, Reed and Braden. You are an amazing family!!!
About 'The Outfits', let Ryan know the boys will just have to wear UK stuff all the time then...NO KU stuff if they can't wear their pretty boy outfits. Ha.
I'm glad your 1st Mother's Day was special, just like you.

Anonymous said...

Keeley & Ryan, I'm so glad to see Reed doing so well! Both of the boys look great...I would love to visit soon, just let me know when! Miss you all, Christy Colgan

Dana said...

I can't believe they are 6 months old. Time does fly, next thing you know they will be graduating from college like Wesley. I'm glad that you had a wonderful first Mother's Day. I know that you will have so many more. We still continue to pray for the boys and you.
Love to all,
Jerry, Dana, Wesley, John & Kendall

April Kay said...

HOW IRONIC!! I am reading this post tonight as my sweet boy lays in his crib in the exact same p.j.s!! And Andrea was over at my house tonight with her 3 month old, Luke, and before she left she changed him into his p.js., and guess what they were? They're the cutest p.js ever, so I guess we all gotta have 'em! :)Marc and I have been praying for you and your family every morning. God is so good!!!!! Your boys are just beautiful.

April Kay said...

Oh, and that's hilarious about the "sweet" outfits! Every Sunday morning when Marc is getting Mason ready for church, he is apologizing to him over and over for the outfit Mommy is making him wear! :) Just on Sundays does Mason wear the fru-fru outfits, usually he has on the little big boy outfits like your boys wear, the polos, etc.

Michael and Hannah said...

I can't believe Reed is rolling over!! Both of your boys are doing things earlier than Anna Kate did! They are just perfect.