Thursday, April 23, 2009

Braden and Reed hanging out on the couch last Saturday. They love to have the deer in headlights look for pictures!
Braden's serious look...look at that belly on him!
Reed's awesome haircut. The surgeon who did the bur holes even gave me the bag with his hair in it for his baby book. I couldn't tell him but I am not counting that as Reed's first haircut. If that was the case, Reed has had many "first haircuts" since he has been in the hospital for 109 days of his first five months!
I am just so glad that Reed is not a little girl who's hair got messed up and has a ton of scars. The ladies will love Reed's scars when he is older where a girl would probably care about the scars:-)
Our little Braden is definitely a people person. He is pretty easy to get a smile out of just by talking to him. I cannot believe how quickly they grow but I am loving every minute of it! Braden is a little chunker...I weighed him on our scale at home and I think he is getting close to 16 pounds. He doesn't have a lot of rolls on him but he is just solid. Who would have ever thought that our growth restricted Twin A that the doctors were worried about would be so healthy now!
My two little monkeys getting ready for bed....
....let's make that two little monkeys and one big monkey!!!
Braden with Ryan's KU hat on. Since Kentucky got Memphis' old coach hopefully we will have a fierce competition on our hands for March madness next year. Stay tuned to see who the boys end of cheering for...UK or KU!
Last Saturday night with Reed's tube still in.
Sunday morning with Reed's tube out! That's right, Reed is doing great with his bottles ever since he came home from the hospital. (once again the deer in headlights look)
Here is my mom's philosophy with the whole bleeding on the brain scenario since the doctors don't understand it all:Even since Reed came home from the hospital after his heart transplant, it was always a struggle to get Reed to take his bottle. We would have to trick him with his pacifier then stick the bottle in his mouth. Once he latched on, we could not take the bottle out of his mouth because the chances that he would take it again were pretty slim. He was averaging around 60 ml's a day the week before he went to the ER. We thought he was doing great.Ever since he has come home, he is taking every bottle with no fight at all!! He does not have to be tricked....we can burp him in the middle, change his diaper or whatever and he will still take it. Get this though, he will take 120 ml's every bottle. My mom's philosophy, which makes sense to all of us, is that he came home from the hospital the first time with pressure/blood on his brain. I do not think that it is just coincidence that he now takes his bottles with no problem.
Braden ready for church with his cute Feltman brother's train outfit on.
Bumbo time
Reed is still working on his neck strength. He is getting better holding it up but he still has a ways to go. Please continue to pray for Reed and for him to make a full recovery.
As far as his vision is concerned, we have seen improvement this week. He will actually look at us and smile now and even follow you, most of the time, when you move. His eyes also still have a ways to go to get back to normal but please continue to pray for this too! Ryan and I appreciate so much all of the prayers, and we know that is why Reed is doing as well as he is with all that he has been through. Thank you so much!
My dad getting the boys ready for bed!


carol said...

I don't care what anyone says, These boys are sooooooooooooo cute.....handsome whatever you want to call it. They GOT IT GOING...With prayers in our heart and sending them to the Lord everyone here in Pensacola that knows the story is praying very heartfully and strong. miss you all xoxoxo's always gram

Missy said...

I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing well! I hope this is a good week and everyone keeps on growing stronger everyday! I love the last picture-- nothing is sweeter than your own Dad holding your sweet little ones!

Michael and Hannah said...

Love all the new photos! All the girls are definitely going to think that Reed is hot with all of his manly scars! I'm glad to hear that Reed is eating better. Braden looks like such a chunk! I hope both of the boys grow up to be true blue fans!! (I'm talking about UK blue, by the way!)

Courtney said...

I'm so glad they're both doing so well!!! They both look adorable... :)

andrea said...

These pictures are precious! I'm glad that Reed is doing so well...he'll be a chunk like his brother in no time ;)

Lots of prayers and thoughts as daughter Eliza always includes you guys in her prayers too, and even draws pictures of baby Reed. She loves him without ever even meeting I'm sure so many others.

Amanda said...

They are so cute!! And getting so big, so fast. Enjoy this stage before they are moving all over the place and NOT wanting you to hold them. Can't wait to see them! Take care, you are all in our prayers and we love you!

Vanessa said...

They are both looking really good. I feel like Braden has changed so much just since your last post. I like his little hair that's coming in. I'm glad to see that things are moving forward and that everyone is doing well. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Keeley,
He is looking great! I just love all the pics. Remember, to take care of both of you too! I can't imagine what you both have been through. I have to say that both of you must be very strong people. Thank God he is doing so great! He is truly a blessing for all.
The Pharr's (Isaac's family)

Natalie Church said...

I feel like Braden has changed a lot, too! He really looks different. I'm glad ya'll are doing well. I hope to see you all soon!

gracefully discovering: said...

I'm so glad to hear that you all are doing well and that Reed is doing great!
We don't know each other, but I am so happy to have found your blog. I am currently pregnant with identical twin girls and one of them has HLHS. I am desperately looking to find someone who is currently going through what is yet to come for my husband and I! I would love to talk with you when you get a free moment...I can't imagine that moment comes very often! But my email is
Hope to hear from you soon!
BTW- your boys are adorable!!

Max's Family said...

I LOVE that picture of the boys with your dad. Reed looks so comfy! Your moms theory makes SO much sense, Keeley!! That bleeding and pressure can have a huge effect on the eating. After Max got his shunt when he was 3 wks old his eating WAY improved. Even in Nov. when the shunt malfunctioned, his eating was so much better after surgery. Bless his little heart. Still praying for you all!

Dana said...

The pictures are great!! Of course I love the Sunday church ones-they look so handsome in their bubbles!!!We are still praying for Reed and his eyesight and of course for you also. Remember how many people are praying for you. Hope to see you Sunday!
Love to all,
Jerry, Dana, Wesley, John & Kendall

Amy said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! They are SO adorable! I can't wait to meet them both!!!!!

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness!! Your boys are sooo handsome. I am so happy he is taking a bottle...can you please tell him to tell my daughter to follow suit. My mia, had a transplant last Nov, and is not feeling the whole bottle business. She is getting better, but I want it gone NOW!

I laughed when you mentioned the hair cuts... I cried the entire day when they shaved Mia's hair. The nurses kept consoling me... it was really sweet. They didn't even get an IV in her head. Maybe I'm still not over it ;-)

The pictures of the boys together in the hospital just melt my heat! I can and can't imagine how that must have been.

Natalie said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited that little Reed is porking it up now!! That's awesome that he is taking his bottles so well. Tell your mom she needs to add M.D. to the end of her name!!
That is too funny what everyone else is saying about Braden b/c while I was looking at the picts I kept thinking 'what happened, Braden grew up this week?' and he is getting even cuter if that is at all possible.
I am really excited about Reed. Praise God for that!!

Cory said...

I'm so glad that Reed is doing better. God is good! Oh, and they WILL be cheering for UK!! Calipari is going to bring it!! Can't wait!!! :)