Wednesday, April 01, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!! Please keep her family, the Casey family, in your prayers as their family waits for their dad to get a new heart. Reed wore his Kentucky blue and white for their dad since he used to play for UK. We really appreciate their family and all of the prayers that they have offered up on Reed's behalf! God is so good and it is so neat to see how He is using Reed's life to help others.
It has been a pretty normal week so far. We have just been playing and enjoying some of the outside weather.
Reed is doing great. We went for his weekly check-up in Monday and thankfully everything looks wonderful. He now weighs 11 lbs. 10 oz. and is 24 inches long. We are so very thankful that he is gaining weight and improving daily with his muscle tone. He could hardly hold his neck up 4 weeks ago and can now do that when we sit him up. We now have to work on him using his leg strength to stand. Some of you have asked about his feedings and why he sometimes has the tube in and sometimes doesn't. I change the tube out about every week so I make the best of it when it does come out by taking pictures. He is doing very well this week with his bottle taking. We changed his formula and he seems to like the taste better than his old stuff. He is now required to drink about 3 ounces (90 ml's) every 3 hours. He has been doing great the past 2 days by drinking 80 ml's for about half of his bottles on his own. Whatever he does not finish, we put through the pump and he gets that in less than 30 minutes. Please continue to pray that he will continue to take his bottles and improve each day so that we can get rid of the tube! Braden has been doing great this week. He has really stepped up the talking too! He is such a joy to have and really makes us laugh all the time! He and Reed are going to have a great relationship.....once Braden quits beating up on Reed!
This is a birthday card that my mom got and the boys absolutely love it. We are going to invest in the singing cards from now on instead of toys!! Play Time
There are about 9 couples that have gotten together over the past 3 years on Tuesday nights to watch American idol. Ryan and I have not been able to go to many recently but we decided to take both boys last night. I have already eaten my words about not sitting in the back with them but they are so much happier!
Braden, Camille, and Reed watching American idol! Today was one of those days that I took out Reed's tube so here are some pictures of the boys.Enjoying the outside!


Beth and Harrison said...

They just keep getting cuter by the minute. I miss you guys. I'd like to stop by sometime this week if you have some time! Give them both big kisses for me! Lots of love,

Cory said...


I'm so glad the boys are doing so well. They are SO precious!! You look great too! Reed has been in our prayers. You are such a strong person to be able to handle all of this. If anyone can, it's you!

I feel so bad that I haven't sent anything for them yet. Stacey's coming this weekend so I'm sending something with her to give you.

I'm going to come to Nashville this summer. I miss all of you! Take care and God bless! Love you!
Oh, I'm loving the UK shirt!! Next year's going to be awesome!! :)


carol said...

I want flowers like yours. What beautiful flowers you grow in your garden. Love gram In god's word and prayers always...

Anonymous said...

I love you pictures! They made me smile and feel so happy and proud for you. You are a wonderful mother and we love your little family.

xoxo Cindy White

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet White Family!!!!

I think about ALL of you every single day. I will come by and visit again soon. The boys are just tooooooooo cute for words. Never forget that "with God all things are possible." You are an inspiration to all who know you!!!!

Love and prayers,

Miss Peggy