Tuesday, August 23, 2016

To Be a Kid Again

Oh the times I remember having to sit on my parents back porch and do the 'miserable' task of shucking corn.  It truly is so funny how the things I used to hate as a child are things that I enjoy doing now as an adult and make our children 'miserable' by having to help. All in the hopes of teaching them to love the things some day that they too complained about doing.
My brother got me 13 dozen ears of corn to put up. If you have ever put up corn, that's a lot to get done in one day. So I so nicely gave some to my friend Laura only to relieve myself of more work:-) 
 BHCC Church Camp
We stopped at Chik-fil-a on our way to church camp for free food if you dressed up. The kids were along for the ride to camp since I was going to help with tie-dye. We went up for one day of Senior Camp and two days of Junior Camp. Next year, they all three might be able to go as pre-campers.
Tie-Dye used to be "my" craft so I gladly came up to help. Kylie might be the next pro!
I rarely saw the boys unless they needed a snack or to rest. The older kids were so nice and let the boys play with them and tag along. They made some sweet friends even in those 2 days while at camp. They even cried at night when it was time to go home because they wanted to stay. 
This is what camp is all about,,,gettin' dirty and sweaty!
Kylie and Callie Ann played together one of the days, and the other day Kylie hung with the older girls since Callie Ann wasn't there. 
Reed, JP, and Braden (JP's parents were in our wedding)
For some reason, every time I turned around Reed was getting hugged on by some girl. Brooke and Reed became good friends and now Reed runs very time he sees her at church. I think that's his way of showing his love.
Reed and Yobed
Braden pretty much played on the basketball court most of the day. He could definitely hang with the older boys. It was so funny because while he was playing Gotcha, one of the kids said "He's so good...he's a mini LeBron". Now Braden is good at basketball but not that good. 
Kylie and Emily, one of the girls in my Covenant group at church.
Kylie playing Mary with baby Jesus

 Canoeing the Harpeth
We went canoeing with the Karkaus one Sunday afternoon after church. We all loved it! This is another thing that I used to do evey summer with my family and now we are passing these traditions on to our kids.
Ryan and the boys

I think I have used the kids' hammocks more than they have, Kylie was hanging with me one day watching our twin baby in the yard, taking silly pictures then the next thing I know she has fallen asleep on me. Summer please slow down!!! 
If you want frozen peaches, you have to work for them! 
We went peach picking like we always do. We brought along friends this time to help pick. The kids love "Popsicle peaches" which are basically snack bags with cut up peaches and a little juice frozen. They eat these year round.
Kylie, Callie, Braden, Hudson, Colton and Reed
 I tried something new this year making a simple syrup of peach juice.
Man, this stuff is really good when added to a cold glass of tea.
This is Kylie's usual attire when we are at home. She loves to wear skirts/dresses with my wedges.
Kylie along with some friends from church went to Julie Tanner's house where her girls
were running a little day camp for younger girls. What a great idea and the girls had a great time.

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