Monday, June 20, 2016

School Fun

Derby Run Day
The kids do this for a fundraiser for the school where they run around the back loop for 30 minutes.
 Kylie's class getting ready to do some warm-up exercises before it starts. It was pretty cold but worked perfect since the kids got warmed up after a few laps. 
We were so proud of Kylie. Going into the run, Ryan and I didn't think she would run more than 9 laps. She tied for the most laps in her class with 13 laps!!
 Her sweet little class
 Reed doesn't start out the fastest but he has some stamina. He also tied for the most laps run in his class with Braden and Jett for a total of 15 laps!! 
 Field Day
The kids got beautiful weather for the field day the week before school let out.
 Have you tried to jump in a sack lately?!! It is way harder than it looks. I definitely captured some good falls of other kids. Thankfully they still allow kids to do these kids of things! 
 Reed was the last one up in his class beating the other class they were racing. I love Zach's face congratulating Reed! 
 Tug of War was all that they cared about. Their class made it to the semi-finals but got beat.
 It is crazy in the difference of mentality from kindergarten to 1st grade. The K class just went to have fun but the 1st wanted to win everything! 
Can you tell how hot it was?!!
 Then the week later, it was freezing! Ryan and I took the kids to the strawberry festival where we froze.  Don't waste your time going to this festival in downtown Franklin, The Nashville flea market is way better!  (Ryan might kill me for putting this pic because he doesn't like that he's not smiling:-)
The only cool thing there was learning about bees. 

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