Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer is HERE!

For some reason, I had drafted this post back in June but never published it! 
Braden Paul lost his top tooth. Why does this make kids look a year older?! 
Mrs. Fitch let the kids take home a 'pet' at the end of the year. Thank goodness we have land to let this nice pet millipede live on:-) 
This was too cute to not remember. Wayne Seldon plays for KU and this is Braden's letter to him. How cool would it be if he actually came to our house on Clovercroft... Kids can dream, right?
Ryan and I out on a date to Lizzie's wedding.  Liz was in the youth group when we used to be youth coaches. The wedding was beautiful and the reception at Loveless Barn was great! 
The Braves Baseball Spring 2016
Braden Paul
Ryan and David are great coaches and have a lot of fun! 
Callie and Kylie somehow managed to talk Lauren into letting them do her make-up during the game.  She was such a good sport! 
Reed Hutchison

The Braves Team
Coaches: David, Greg, Ryan, Jason
Cameron, David, Dean, Maxwell, Weston
John David, Reed, Jonas, Gavin, Rowan, Braden

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