Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring is Coming!

The kids dyeing some eggs for Easter. Out of the eggs that I boiled, I think that one of them "survived"! Kids just don't get how fragile eggs are do they?! Oh well, it gave us 10 minutes of entertainment for the day.
 Instead of baskets filled with candy, we opted for things they might actually use and not get thrown away by their momma! The boys got a book, superhero stickers, goggles, nerf gun and swim trunks. Kylie got a book of stickers, mini pillow pet, princess night gown and bubbles.
I was thankful that it didn't rain the whole day on Easter Sunday. Can you believe how big the kids have gotten? The boys are 4 and Kylie will turn 3 in a couple of weeks.  These 3 kids bring us so much joy, and I try to savor each day.  I am not for sure if it's because I am getting older or just realizing how fragile life is. In the past few years, it just seems like their have been so many deaths at such a young age or loved ones taken quickly from illnesses like cancer.  None of us know when the good Lord will choose to bring us home or the ones we love home, so I try to remind myself each day to live each day to its fullest. I have to remind myself often:-)
This little girl loves her some jewelry. She is such a girly, girl but also right there in the swing of things with the boys. Right when we got to my parents for Easter lunch, she came downstairs with all this jewelry on. She is so full of personality and definitely adds so much to our family.
Today, it was beautiful! I am SO ready for warm weather all of the time. When the kids got home from school, they played outside until dinner time. I forgot how "easy" they are when the weather is nice and they can go outside and play for a really long time.
Braden being his silly self. He and Reed are big buds. Teachers notice really quickly how they stick up for one another, especially Braden for Reed. If one is not around, the other one wants to know where his brother is. They really do not fight that much, but I think that is because they are too busy pestering Kylie. They just have the neatest relationship, and I am so glad that they love being with one another and I hope that continues.
Mentioning pestering Kylie, here is a great example of Kylie just wanting to ride with Braden but he sees this as her taking Reed's seat. this results in her getting pushed out of the gator and Reed getting "his" seat back!

Can you spot Braden and Reed? Ryan hasn't seen this picture yet so he might have a stroke when he does:-) Don't worry, they are not allowed on the tree stand, but they must have forgotten since its been a while since they have played outside for so long!
Warm weather means you play in the water too...66 degrees is warm enough!
Who else is ready for summer!!!!  

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