Saturday, April 06, 2013

Charley's Birthday Party

Kylie, Braden and Reed on their way to Charley's Third Birthday party. Where has the time gone?! I know that I always match the boys but I had no idea until I was taking this picture that all three of them were coordinating!
 Reed sporting the front tuck!
I wish that I had the expression on the kids face when we pulled up Craig and Tina's driveway to this bounce house. They were SO excited. We got there at 11 and didn't leave until 6 if that tells you anything.
 Braden trying out the slide for the first time
Here is 3 week old sweet little Sawyer Rose. She is filling out and was the best little thing the whole day. Makes me want another plans of that though:-)
Shout out to Publix for a really cute princess cake for a fraction of the cost of bakeries...and their white cake is so good.  Charley loved her cake too.
Our really good friend Alma and Charley. When Charley talks to Alma it is only in Spanish even though Alma can speak both. How many 3 year old can speak 2 languages?!! It does help that Craig is fluent in both and speak spanish to Charley all the time.
One of Tina's good friends kid,  Kinsley
Braden, Pablo and Gabie jumping instead of sliding
Reed's hair is hilarious in these pics
Reed, Braden and Kylie watching Charley getting ready to blow out her candles.
This is the cake that Alma brought called Tres Leches. 
The story for the following pics is that Hispanic culture celebrates birthdays by singing a specific song which leads to the birthday girl/boy sticking their face in the cake. Charley wanted to do it but really wanted Pablo to do it first. The pictures tell the story!!!
The expressions are priceless!!And yes, we still ate the cake!
Reed's comment afterwards was "I am NOT doing that for my birthday!" Braden and Kylie enjoyed eating the icing with their hands.
Next came the pinata.
Then more jumping and sliding. The kids were so worn out when we left. When we got home, we layed the kids straight down for bed at 6:30 and no one made a peep. You gotta love when that happens!
What a fun day and so thankful for these past 3 years with Charley Rae!!!  


Michael and Hannah said...

Your kids are getting so BIG! Love the cake face plants!

Drew Watts said...

Ha-ha! Oh! The cake smash is so cute! I loved the cake designs. I have also booked a very beautiful Chicago event space for my daughter’s birthday party, and I got some really cool ideas from this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing this here.