Monday, April 01, 2013

Just Staying Busy

Tina and Craig welcomed baby Sawyer Rose on March 15 weighing 7 pounds and 15 ounces. She is just perfect. She looks different than Charley did at birth. Sawyer's hair is not as thick and lighter than Charley's was. I have some more picture to put here but they are on Tina's camera! More to come soon!
 Since Tina went straight from her doctor's appointment on that Friday to the hospital, I went to pick up Charley so she could stay with the cousins. Ryan and I took the 4 kids to Hibachi for dinner then I left him in charge of putting all the kids to bed while I went to meet Sawyer. The girls were so tired that they asked Ryan to go to bed and didn't get up until after 7 the next morning..that's sleeping in at our house!
 We are in the transition of moving Kylie's room across the hall and the guest bedroom into her old room. I have to say that it made me a little sad taking her crib down since we probably will not be using it again until grand kids:-)
Ryan was at work and I just got in my head that I wanted to move the rooms right then. So me and the kids broke down her crib, moved her armoire across the hall then the guest bedroom furniture across to her old room.
 This is what happens when the boys are "playing" SO good by themselves...they decided they were going to be Indians! At least it was washable and on them, not on my walls like it used to be!
 Before the mattress, which must be from 1970's, moved, they had to have some fun first.
 Braden was really a lot of good help in pushing the armoire across.
 The weather here has been all over the place but it hasn't kept us inside too much. Doesn't Braden look so big?!
I think the pictures below tell the story of Kylie wanting the football, getting it, losing it and then throwing a fit! Girls will be girls!!
Who needs a haircut? Reed does! That's what happens when their hairstylist goes and decides to have a baby:-)
...and Braden does too!
 Kylie climbing the refrigerator in the basement to try and get a juice box. Never a dull moment!

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