Friday, May 11, 2012

Three that are Two and Three

Our sweet little girl turned two on April 15, 2012 , and where in the world has the time gone? These last two years have been very busy but oh so much fun. I won't lie, it is definitely a challenge some days to keep my sanity, but I always try to remind myself that they are only little once! 
 We had a "Garden Party" at our house to celebrate. We invited a few of Kylie's little friends to enjoy food, playing outside, a bounce house and eating cake. In place of gifts, the little kids brought Kylie a pack of vegetables or flower seeds to plant in our garden.
Nanny and Tina
 Papa and Nana with Charley
 Believe it or not, Kylie ate mainly the cake and not the icing!

 Reece and Riley

 Lola and Braden
 Charley telling Kylie a secret
Mom bouncing with Kylie and Reed
Kylie got her first Cabbage Patch doll from Grandpa Terry and Granny Carol. She loves it! 
Maddi and Preston 
 Kylie Reese is a "little" talker these days. I am not for sure there is a minute that goes by that she is not saying something unless she is asleep. She has a pretty funny personality and is definitely full of herself. In the same regards, she is very loving and caring. Whenever one of her brothers is upset, she will run to their room and get either Braden's rabbit or Reed's paci (which is cut). She loves to wear my jewelry and shoes, especially high heeled ones but what girl doesn't. On the other extreme, she is rough and tough. She always has cuts and bruises from playing so hard outside with her brothers. I always love to ask my parents if she is anything like how I was when I was that age since we both have two older brothers.  My parents response is "she is way more feisty than you ever were:-)!!" Kylie, your mommy and daddy love you very much and you were the best "accident" that has happened in our lives.
I pray that this next year brings as much joy as this past year has for our family! Praise God for that!

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Michael and Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! She's the most stylish 2-year-old I know! Lola's face was an unexpected treat... can't believe it's been over 10 years since I've seen any of y'all! You all look exactly the same!