Thursday, April 19, 2012

Turning Two

Happy Two Year Birthday Charley Rae! We had a great time at her birthday party at Lucky Ladd Farm's and that place is awesome. If you have kids, I highly recommend going there. There is so much to do there that the kids love. To tell you how much the kids loved it, we stayed there from 11:30-4:30 before we realized what time it was!
The kids loved the petting zoo but I felt so sorry for those poor sheep that were being chased by our kids. 
Granny (83) and Nanny (86) enjoying watching their great-grandkids have a great time. I think they really enjoyed themselves too. I am so thankful that my grannies are still around for our kids to build relationships with! 

Kylie Reese White (23 months old)
Charley Rae Hutchison (2 years old)
Braden Paul White (3 yrs. 5 months old)
Reed Hutchison White (3 yrs. 5 months old)
Me, Nanny, Granny and Everett
Charley sporting her sassy shades. 
Lucky Ladd hosted an Easter egg hunt too. The girls loved just sitting opening the eggs. 
They have these huge slides going down this big mound of dirt. There were 3 corrugated slides and one slide that you slide down on feed sacks. 
Who else has an 86 year old nanny who will seesaw with their grandkid?
Kylie, Reed and Braden 
I had to put this picture in here to show how bad Reed's allergies got. When we got home from our trip to New Orleans, his eyes were so swollen and red. It took a few weeks for this to get better. When we got to Charley's party his eyes looked good but this is what they looked like towards the end of the day.  I always thought people made up having allergies but I guess I will eat my words now! 
Papa and Nana... great picture!
Thanks Charley for a great birthday party! 
 Coming Soon will be the pictures from Kylie's Two-Year Old Birthday Party!

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Michael and Hannah said...

Can't wait to see Kylie's birthday pics! Love all the cousin fun. They are getting big fast!