Friday, May 11, 2012

May means Summer Time!

The kids playing chase and ring around the roses after church last week....and a little love shown by wrestling! 
Papa tiling our garden. Now, if I can just get everything to grow in it! 

 My mom and I took the kids to the zoo last week. If we had only known that 27 school buses were going to be there too. We were thinking about leaving but then Braden said from the back of the car "Mom, thank you for bringing us to the zoo!" Who can turn around after that?!!
 Ryan and I took the kids to Chattanooga for an overnight stay with the Crawfords. 
 Reed, Camille and Braden

 Finally, Kylie showing us that she can do a flip!
 Braden is the best little helper in the garden. I hope his love continues for getting weeds out but I have a feeling the day will come when he hates it!
I am so glad it is summer time! I love the days of having no responsibility. Oh wait, I am married and have three kids. What was I thinking but I wouldn't change a thing!

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Michael and Hannah said...

Love the wrestling pics!