Sunday, November 09, 2008

Remodel Project

I owe a HUGE thank you to my dad for these past 5 months. My dad retired in May and started working on remodeling our downstairs in July. He did such a great job and we absolutely love our downstairs now. Ryan helped out on the weekends and nights when he could. This is a picture after they had been mudding drywall one day.

This first picture is after they knocked out walls. You can see where the ugly green carpet starts and stops...that is where walls used to be. This is the open area/office area before:Here is the open area after. Ryan, Zach Crawford and my dad installed these hardwood floors in 3 full Saturdays. This was not an easy task but it turned out great! This is a picture of a bookshelf that dad built to hide some pipes that were in the wall. I love having extra storage. This next picture was after dad redid the entire wiring. This was huge task for him because this old house had some crazy wiring going on! He installed 12 can lights and track lighting. This made a huge difference because before all we used were lamps. Here was a storage room before with an old cast iron bathtub in it. There was not any plumbing for a bathroom and dad installed all of this himself! I'm telling you my dad is a man of many talents!! Here is the bathroom after. Ryan installed the tile floor and I helped grout it. This bathroom was much needed considering our house only had 1 1/2 baths before this. Here is the den area before:The den area after! Dad built these columns to go around the existing metal poles. These stairs had ugly green carpet on them before and now here they are after! Ryan and dad knocked these out on one Saturday. I think they turned out really good.
Ryan is already enjoying watching the Titans play in our new space. Thanks dad for all your hard work and time spent doing this for us. I know that we will get much use out of this especially when Reed and Braden get here!

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andrea said...

Wow...I need your dad and husband to come remodel my house :0 it looks wonderful!