Wednesday, November 21, 2007

HU Weekend

Okay, so this is for all of you girls who have been begging me to start a blog (especially Natalie and Amanda)! This won't be near as exciting as the blogs with kids but I'll try.
The weekend in Searcy was great because I got to catch up with all of my college girlfriends.
While we were in Searcy, we got to throw Jaren a baby shower for baby Ellie. We went to dinner that night and had a smaller shower for Amanda and baby Will.

As you can see, poor Emma Cate was worn out. She was so tired that she started falling asleep while eating in her chair. I asked her if she wanted to sit with me and within 10 seconds she was out!
After Amanda's shower, several of us went to Frozen Dee's for dessert. I think that we all laughed until we cried. Mainly due to some old man who couldn't keep his eyes off of Jaren!
I miss all of you girls and I cannot wait to see you all again. Maybe a Florida weekend?!?


mandiandjosh said...

That a girl kee kee! It's about time! Where are the G-burg pics?

Emma Cate said...

Yeah!! I am so happy to see a post on your blog! Happy Turkey Day! Talk to you soon!

Melissa Claire said...

Yea...glad to see you finally broke down and posted!

Natalie Church said...

About time! Yeah...your blog has already been in my there will be something on it! You have something every night, so I know you will have a lot to blog about!