Friday, November 23, 2007

Halloween...a little late!

This was from the youth group Halloween devo. Ryan and I are youth coaches at our church.

Our "young marrieds" class Halloween Party.
Ryan, Zach, Martha Lynn, and I went as the Pacman crew. We made these costumes, as you can tell, as a last minute idea the day before our class party.
Mandi got embarrased when our Sunday school teacher asked what she and Josh dressed as and her reply was "a nice little bunny and a sweet old man"
Doesn't Adam Bryson look just like Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer?


mkburcham said...

Yeah! It is about time ya started a blog! I am excited, it is so fun to see what you are up to! I am sure you will be suprised how much you can post about without kids! Well, I am sad I didn't get to see you at HU homecoming--next year--or we really should do a Florida trip that we have talked about for several years-it would be fun! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Love Mer

Katie Land said...

Great job Keeley!!! Now I will have someone else without kids wo blogs!!! I love the costumes. Very cute. Sorry I wasn't at homecoming..our kickball championshipgames got switched last minute to that sat. I know it sounds lame, but that is true. A few other people could not make it so if I had gone to homecoming we would have had to forfit...Oh well, hopefully next year i will be at homecoming. So glad you have a blog and hope you are doing well. I really need to update my blog!!!

Emma Cate said...

Love the costumes! Of course you made them!!