Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gatlinburg for My Birthday

Part of my birthday present was a trip to Gatlinburg with some of our friends. We stayed in a chalet all weekend, played pool, sat in the hot tub, went shopping and rode go-carts. That was pretty much it. It was a much needed relaxing weekend!
Josh and Lori Willeford with little Weston. Josh and Mandi Terry (a.k.a. Gorilla shins and Mandisa)
Thanks Ryan for a great, thoughtful gift!
Mandi, me, Lori and Martha Lynn


The Parker Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I just found your blog. What a fun birthday present...Ryan is so thoughtful. I look forward to more posts from you guys. Are you ready to play "dirty Santa" at the secret sister party? See you Tuesday.

mandiandjosh said...

Easy on the shins....

Stephanie said...

Hi Keely,

I found your blog! Glad you had a happy birthday and it's so great seeing so many people from Brentwood Hills in the pics. Feel free to stop by and visit our blog anytime!

Stephanie Schwieter